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  1. Term America
    Was made by Amerigo Vespucci
  2. Bering Straight Crossing
    Alaska and Siberia border.
  3. Four types of domesticated animals
    Llamas- wool

    Chihuahua- to be eaten

    Genuie Pigs- to be eaten

  4. Nomadic tribes
    • -Stone Age type of groups.
    • -Followed the herds around to determine where they should settle.
    • -Constantly moving around
  5. Semi-Sedentary
    • -Subsistence agriculture.
    • -Development of agriculture, higher tools, and written language.
    • -Small villages. 100 people or less.
  6. Sedentary civilizations
    • ex.) Maya, Aztecs, and Incas.
    • -Large population groups
    • -Ability to produce surplus of food.
    • -Leads to advanced civilizations
  7. Mayan civilization
    • -Southern Mexico and Guatemala. 800 CE. Peaked during 1000.
    • -Tikal was the capital city
    • -Advanced in Astronomy and Mathematics.
    • -Known to be the most advanced civilization in their days subjectively
    • -Empire collapsed 1200. Took step backward to semi-sedentary.
  8. Mayans discoveries
    • -Repeating Number pattern
    • -Earth revolves around the sun
    • -Solar and Lunar eclipse
    • -Stars and planets
  9. Aztecs civlization
    • -Central Part of Mexico
    • -Called themselves Mexica. Spaniards called them Aztecs.
    • -Language: Nihua
    • -Capital: Tenochtitlan
    • -Symbol: eagle, snake, and cactus
  10. Aztecs...
    • -They were driven to island Texcoco after getting into war with Toltecs.
    • -Moctezuma II was in power when spaniards arrived.
  11. 3 types of classes set by Aztecs
    • -Nobility: Wealthy class.
    • -Craftsman: Artistic people. Warriors.
    • -Slaves: bottom society.
  12. Aztecs two main gods
    • -Quetzalcoatl: God/emperor of mayans. God left in disgrace. Promised to return and destroy the world.
    • -Huitzilopochtli: god of the sun. Sun wouldnt come up unless they did a sacrifice.
  13. Aztec two type of calenders
    • -365 day calender to keep track of year.
    • -260 day calender to keep track of religious holy days.

    -Both Calenders would aligned every 52 years. Called the year of the god.
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