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  1. Effeminacy
  2. Truancy
    rebel, escape, playing hooky
  3. Regatta
  4. Seamy
    sordid, selfish, immoral, dirty
  5. Acclimate
  6. Throng
  7. Despondence
  8. Debrief
    interrogate in an army sense, gain intelligence, to question
  9. Hedonic
    pleasure seeking
  10. Infinitesimal
  11. Makeshift
  12. Distended
    increase in size, bloated
  13. Commandeer
  14. Glazier
    glass cutter
  15. Debase
  16. Proclivity
  17. Censure
  18. Ambient
  19. Pip
  20. Usurer
    money lender
  21. Servile
    slavish, submissive
  22. Eclectic
    broad size and take that comes from variety of sources
  23. Prolific
    producing much or many works
  24. Regency
    appointed person by monarch
  25. Harrow
    to disturb keenly, painfully
  26. Foyer
  27. Breakwater
    jetty, a pier, a structure of stones
  28. Rustic
  29. Trellis
    a summer house or gazebo
  30. Lattice
    structure, or window or gate type structure
  31. Plush
  32. Drivel
    slobber, salvia flow
  33. Astute
    clever, cunning
  34. Intractable
    not easily controlled
  35. Nascent
    beginning to exist or develop
  36. Erudite
    characterized by great knowledge
  37. Predilection
    partial to think favorably of something in particular
  38. Aberrant
    departing from the usual course
  39. Decorous
    proper decorum, dignity
  40. Lackluster
    lack of brilliance or radiance
  41. Inveterate
    settled or confirmed in habit
  42. Timorous
    timid, fearful
  43. Cowed
    scared, associate with the word �coward�
  44. Turgid
    swollen, inflated
  45. Repatriate
    to bring or send back
  46. Commandeer
    to order or force
  47. Extradite
    to give up to another state
  48. Interdict
    to prohibit, think the word �intervene�
  49. Expurgate
    to amend by remaining wording, to purge of most offensiveness
  50. Indigence
    poor, impoverished
  51. Opulence
    wealth, riches, affluence
  52. Penury
    extreme poverty
  53. Deprave
    to make morally bad or evil
  54. Libel
    defame, to publish something that damages someone�s reputation
  55. Extirpated
    root and destroy completely
  56. Conjectured
    guess, inferred, opinion formed with having complete information
  57. Relegated
    cosign or dismiss to a lower rank
  58. Covenant
    an agreement
  59. Cloying
    disgust or sicken with excessive sweetness, richness, sweetness
  60. Composite
    a thing made up of several parts or elements
  61. Consummate
    high degree or flair
  62. Carafe
    a wide-mouthed glass or metal bottle with a lip or spout, for holding and serving beverages.
  63. Yore
    yester year
  64. Execrable
    feel or express of loathing
  65. Prodigious
    extraordinary in size
  66. Incredulous
    showing unbelief
  67. Stolidity
    not easily stirred
  68. Scant
    barely sufficient
  69. Escargot
  70. Sonata
    musical composition
  71. Rudimentary
    fundamental, undeveloped, not functioning
  72. Gander
    male goose
  73. Acquit
    not guilty
  74. Lofty
    towering, extending high in the air
  75. Innate
    existing from birth
  76. Indisposed
    ailing, sick, ill
  77. Turret
    little tower
  78. Guarantor
    one who gives a guarantee
  79. Colander
    strainer, like food strainer
  80. Lingua
  81. Phlebotomy
    surgical puncture to withdraw blood
  82. Bombast
    high sounding language with little meaning
  83. Simplicity
    the quality of being plain or natural
  84. Apocryphal
    doubtful authenticity
  85. Superfluous
    being beyond is required
  86. Arbitrary
    based personal choice rather than reason
  87. Taciturn
    reserved, saying little
  88. Laconic
    using very few words
  89. Ascetic
  90. Simplicity
    the quality of being plain natural
  91. Transient
    passing with time
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