2 airway care pt 2

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  1. if suctioning and bradycardia appears, what happened?
    stimulated the vagus nerve
  2. suction pressure for adult
  3. suction pressure for child
  4. suction pressure for infant
  5. how do you adjust the suction vacuum pressure
    occlude the tubing
  6. what type of suction catheter would u use if you are trying to get into the LEFT main stem bronchus
    coude tip catheter
  7. which catheter allows the pt to receive ventilation and o2 during suctioning
    closed system or inline suction catheter
  8. catheter size formula
    id size/ 2 X 3

    8.0 / 2 = 4.0 X 3 = 12

    if they don't have 12, DO NOT go down to 10, go UP and pick 14
  9. what kinda order is suctioning
  10. suction catheter should be in the airway no longer than how many seconds?
    15 sec
  11. if there is NO sound occuring on the bubble humidifier, there is
    • a leak
    • cracked or loose jar
    • worn missing gasket
  12. if there is a whistling sound occurs w/out occlusion
    • o2 flow is high
    • obstruction or kinked
  13. humidification sys that can heat and humidify o2 at flow rates up to 40 l/min
    membrane cartridge sys VAPOTHERM
  14. high flow nasal cannula, what type of humidifier can u use?
    membrane carthridge sys VAPOTHERM
  15. humidifier that is commonly used with infant vents and circuits
  16. HME is only used for
    • transport
    • short term
  17. wick humidifier can deliver how much body humidity
  18. produces particles
  19. used to nebulize small doses of medication
  20. delivers BLAND aerosols to the upper airway to DECREASE the chances of edema or humidity deficit
  21. if not enough mist is coming out of the aerosol, what should u do
    inc flow
  22. how should u set up the blender with a LVN
    • blender at desired fio2
    • air entrainment port on lvn at 100%
  23. small particle aerosol generator SPAG is designed to deliver ____ for treating _____ infections
    • ribavirin
    • RSV resp syncytial virus
  24. of all nebs, this has the highest output range of aqueous solution w/out heating
    USN ultrasonic neb
  25. if you are using a USN on a child and is gaining weight, what does that mean
    child is gaining weight
  26. to increase mist on a USN, what should u adjust
  27. can be used to overcome coordination difficulties
    • spacer
    • holding chamber
  28. name 4 short acting beat 2 agonists
    • albuterol- ventolin/proventil
    • levelbuterol-xopenex
    • terbutaline-brethine/brethaire
    • pirbuterol-maxair
  29. long acting beta2 agonist/maintanence
    • sameterol
    • formoterol
    • arformeterol
  30. name a bronchodilator that work against the bronchoconstrictions
    • atropine sulfate
    • ipratropium bromide - atrovent
    • tiotropium bromide-spiriva
  31. which drug increases diaphragmatic contractility and stimulate the CNS in infants with ____
    • theophylline
    • apnea of prematurity
  32. name some methylxanthine drugs that increases the amt of cAMP within smooth muscle then causes bronchodilation
    • theophylline - aminophylline
    • theo dur
    • oxytriphylline
    • theolair
    • caffeine
  33. anti-inflammatory, corticosteroids
    • fluticasone
    • beclomethasone
    • budesonide
    • flunisolide
    • prednisone

    ends with ONEEEEEEEEEE
  34. mucolytics control secretions, name some
    • acetylcysteine- mucomyst
    • DNASE- pulmozyme
  35. leukotriene modifiers is use in cases of mild to moderate persistent asthma, name some
    • motelukas- singulair
    • zafirlukas - accolate
    • zileuton - zyflo

    not to be used for tx of acute asthma attacks
  36. mast cell stabilizers will help PREVENT asthmatic attack, name some
    • cromolyn sodium- intal
    • nedocromil sodium- tilate
  37. racemic epi is a
    mucosal vasoconstrictor
  38. to treat CHF, increase strength of contraction, give
    • digitalis- crystodigin
    • digoxin- lanoxin
  39. to relief pain (angina pectoris give
  40. direct vasodilators
    sodium nitroprusside - nipride- light sensitive
  41. alpha adrenergic- will increase blood pressure
    • noreepi- levophed
    • dopamine
    • dobutamine
  42. for pulm edema, liver and kidney disease, CHF
    diuretics= furosemide/ lasix
  43. DEPOLARIZING neuromuscular blocking agent- cause total muscle contraction (twitching) followed by complete muscle paralysis
  44. nondepolarizing neuromuscular agent, longer duration, can be reversed if desired
    • pancuronium
    • vecuronium
    • atracurium
    • cisatracurium

    think RIUM
  45. can the pt still hear you if theyre just paralized?
    yes, must sedate
  46. sedatives- dec anxiety, and promote relaxation
    • alprazolam- xanax
    • diazepam - valium
    • midazolam - versed
    • lorazepam - ativan
  47. leval of sedation is monitored with the
    modified ramsay scale
  48. what level # responds to verbal commands
  49. reduces pts ability to perceive sensations
    anesthetics- analgesia
  50. iv anesthetics is use in critically ill pt, examp
    propofol - diprivan
  51. analgesics- reduce sensation of pain
    opioids, narcotics
  52. ex of analgesics
    • morphine
    • codeine
    • fentanyl
  53. name 3 surfactants
    • calfactant- infasurf
    • beractant - survanta
    • porcant alfa- curosurf
  54. use to help pt quit smoking or deal with side effects
    nicotine patch
  55. antibiotics is used to treat pt with bacterial infection >10,000 WBC, example
    • penicillins
    • ampicillin
    • amoxicillin
    • nafcillin

    think CILLIN
  56. aminoglycosides is used in serious infections for gram NEGATIVE


    treat MRSA- staphylococcus aureus
  57. drugs usd to bacterididal and actively kill bacteria like TB
    • isoniazed- INH
    • rifampin
    • ethambutol
  58. to treat RSV, you give
    ribavirin using a spag
  59. to prevent RSV, you give
    vaccines----- respigam or palivizumab/synagis
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