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  1. Explain what a marketing channel
    A set of interdependent organizations that ease the transfer of ownership as products move from producer to business user or consumer.
  2. List the Marketing Channel Functions
    • Specialization and division of labor
    • Overcoming discrepancies
    • Providing contact efficiency
  3. Define A Discrepancy of Quantity
    The difference between the amount of product produced and the amount an end user wants to buy.
  4. Describe a Discrepancy of Assortment
    The lack of all the items a customer needs to receive full satisfaction from a product or products.
  5. Describe a Temporal Discrepancy
    A situation that occurs when a product is produced but a customer is not ready to buy it.
  6. Decribe a Spatial Discrepancy
    The difference between the location of a producer and the location of widely scattered markets.
  7. List the types of channel intermediaries
    Retailer, Merchant Wholesaler, Agents and Brokers
  8. describe the Retailer
    • A channel intermediary that sells mainly to customers\
    • They Take Title to Goods
  9. Describe the Merchant Wholesaler
    An institution that buys goods from manufacturers, takes title to goods, stores them, and resells and ships them.
  10. Describe the Agents and Brokers
    • Wholesaling intermediaries who facilitate the sale of a product by representing channel members.
    • Do NOT Take Title to Goods
  11. Describe the Transactional Functions
    • Contacting/Promotion
    • Negotiating
    • Risk Taking
    • done by Retailers
  12. List the Logistical Functions
    • Physically distributing
    • Storing
    • Sorting
    • done by Wholesalers
  13. List the Facilitating Functions
    • Researching
    • Financing
    • done by Agents and Brokers
  14. Define Logistics
    The process of strategically managing the efficient flow and storage of raw materials, in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption.
  15. Describe the channel structures for consumer and business products and discuss alternative channel arrangements
  16. Define a Direct Channel
    A distribution channel in which producers sell directly to consumers.
    • Direct
    • Retail
    • Wholesaler
    • Agent/broker
    • Direct
    • Industrial
    • Agent/broker
    • Agent/broker industrial
    • Multiple
    • Nontraditional
    • Strategic alliances
  20. List the Alternative Channel Arrangements
    • Multiple channels
    • Nontraditional channels
    • Strategic channel alliances
  21. Discuss the issues that influence channel strategy
    • Market Factors
    • Product Factors
    • Producer Factors
  22. List the different channel relationship types
    • Arm’s Length Relationship
    • Cooperative Relationship
    • Integrated Relationship
  23. Define Arm’s Length Relationship
    • Fulfills a one time or unique need; low involvement/risk
    • Parties unable to develop relationship; low trust level
  24. Define a Cooperative Relationship
    • Formal contract without capital investment/long-term commitment; “happy medium”
    • Some parties may need more relationship definition
  25. Describe a Integrated Relationship
    • Closely bonded relationship; explicitly defined relationships
    • High capital investment; any failure could affect every channel member
  26. Explain channel leadership
    • A member of a marketing channel that exercises
    • authority/power over the activities of other members
  27. Describe Channel Conflict
    A clash of goals and methods between distribution channel members
  28. Describe Channel Partnering
    The joint effort of all channel members to create a supply chain that serves customers and creates a competitive advantage
  29. Discuss channels and distribution decisions in global markets
    • Distribute directly or through foreign partners
    • Legal and infrastructure differences
  30. Identify the special problems and opportunities associated with distribution in service organizations
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