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  1. ischiorectal fossa
    • perianal space
    • ischiorectal space
  2. ischiorectal space
    upper 2/3 of ischiorectal fossa
  3. perianal space
    • subcutaneous fat of buttocks
    • ISS medially
    • contains external hemorrhoidal plexus, subcutaneous EAS, lowest part of IAS, fiber of CLM
  4. ISS
    • between IAS, EAS
    • most glands end here
  5. submucous space
    • between IAS and mucocutaneous lining of anal canal
    • contains internal hemorrhoidal plexus
    • contains muscularis submocosae ani
    • ends at dentate line
    • continues above with submucous layer of rectum
  6. superficial post anal space
    • between skin and anococcygeal ligament
    • communicate posteriorly with ischiorectal fossa
  7. deep postanal space
    • retroshpincteric space of courtney
    • between anococcygeal ligament and anococcygeal raphe
    • communicate posteriorly with ischiorectal fossa
  8. supralevator space
    • peritoneum superiorly
    • levators inferiorly
    • medially rectum
    • laterraly obturator f.
  9. retrorectal space
    • anterior: f. propria of rectum
    • posterior: presacral f.
    • lateral: lateral ligaments
    • inferior: rectosacral ligament
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