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  1. tympanic=
    • extra air
    • high pitch sound
    • hyperresonant
  2. pulse weak and thready is a sign of
    • low bp
    • hypovolemia
    • shock
  3. signs of epiglottitis
    • drooling
    • hyperextended neck
    • stridor
  4. pt has to be dead for this reflex
    herring bruer reflex
  5. what is moro reflex
    infants responding to noises around them
  6. pupillary response shows
    oxygen to the brain if they respond
  7. Hb of 6g SPO2 94% but pt is complaining of SOB then what is wrong with the pt
    pt is anemic (lowwwww Hb level)

    anyone that has low rbc, hb, hematocrit is anemic
  8. what should you administer if pt is anemic
    whole blood so o2 can bind to hemoglobin
  9. lateral decubitus position cxr indicates
    pl effusion- fluid into the pl. cavity-- fluid will move position-- air wont
  10. what does a pulm embolus look like on a cxr
    wedge space
  11. what is a common hazard when inserting a CVC central venous catheter
  12. transtracheal cath is used for
    • long term
    • emergency
  13. how would you set up a IPPB bird mark to deliver 40% o2
    air mix OFF attached to a blender at 40%
  14. what is the best device to delier o2 therapy to a full term
    oxyhood w/ a blender to adjust the fio2
  15. isollette is used to control a baby's
    • fluid level
    • temperature
  16. appropriate pressure in which a blender operates
    • 50 PSI
    • all equipment operates w/ 50 psi, blender only needs 40 psi
  17. wright respirometer measures
    • volume
    • vital capacity
  18. galvanic fuel oxygen analyzer measures partial pressure in how much percent
    • 21% and 100% to calibrate
    • MUST calibrate before u use it
  19. mouth to valve mask resuscitation device function of one way valve to prevent
    pt from exhaling back
  20. what shoud you do if a pt with transtracheal cathetere experience inc WOB and SOB
    flush the catheter with isotonic saline
  21. what type of o2 delivery can you give to a 2 yr old
    o2 tent
  22. o2 conservation cannula is used for
    • long term
    • home
  23. normal range for Qs/Qt
    • < 5 % normal
    • < 15% better, acceptable
  24. A-a do2

    a-a gradient should be less than the actual

    • < R.A.
    • < 100%
  25. how to decrease auto peep aka instrinsic peep

    (auto peep is aka AIR TRAPPING)
    • increase flow
    • add exp retard/hold
  26. what is a acceptable flow rate
    60 lpm
  27. mech ventilation that has a increase co2, what is more accurate? what should you check on a pt to confirm what to change?
    • tidal vol
    • check pt kilos first and compare to vent
  28. formula for cardia index
    cardiac output / bsa
  29. what does a decrease cardiac output mean on a ventilator? and how can you fix the prob
    • too much peep
    • must decrease peep
  30. how can you increase vt on a pressure control
    increase PIP ( more pressure, more vol)
  31. what does the pt has if the pts "e" sounds like "ahhhh" - egophony =
    consolidation= pneumonia
  32. fine crepitant rales is what type of disease
    • chf
    • pulm edema
  33. course rales is what type of disease
  34. stridor is what type of desease
    croup/ subglottic edema
  35. if you are trying to set up a air flow/or flowmeter with a nonrebreather.. with a total of 12.. how should u set up the air and o2
    9 lpm air & 3 lpm o2 = 12
  36. pulm function--- what is the largest predicted normal value
  37. partial pressure of o2 PAO2 formula
    (pb-ph20) .fio2 - (paco2/.8)
  38. o2 gradient btwn alveolus and arteriliced blood P(A-a)o2 formula
    PAo2 - Pao2
  39. normal pao2 for a pt breathing R.A. at seal level
    90-100 mmhg
  40. normal pao2 for a pt breathing 50% at seal level
    120-140 mmhg
  41. normal vd/vt ratio for breathing RM
  42. formula for deadspace
    (paco2 - peco2) / paco2

    answer is in PERCENT
  43. air/o2 ratio for 28%
  44. air/02 ratio for 35%
  45. air/02 ratio for 40%
  46. air/02 ratio for 60%
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