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  1. cell theory
    composed of cells and cell products
  2. plasma membrane
    surrounds cell unit membrane at cells surface
  3. intracellular/extracellular
    • intra-face cytoplasm
    • extr- faces outward
  4. glycocalyx
    unique fuzzy coat external to the plasma membrane
  5. microvilli
    extensions of membrane specialized in absorption
  6. cilia
    hairlike processes
  7. cystic fibrosis
    hereditary disease in which cells make chloride pumps, but fail to install them in the plasma membrane
  8. flagella
    tail of the sperm
  9. transports
    • plasma membrane
    • passive transport
    • active transport
    • carrier=mediated mechanisms
  10. filtration
    process in which particles are driven through a selectively permeable membrane by hydrostatic pressure
  11. simple diffusion/concentration gradient
    the net movement of particles from area of high concentration to area of low concentration
  12. osmosis
    flow of water from one side of a delectively permeable membrane to the other
  13. aquaporins
    channel proteins in plasma membrane specialized for passage of water
  14. osmotic pressure
    amount of hydrstatic pressure required to stop osmosis
  15. tonicity
    ability of a solution to affect fluid volume and pressure in a cell
  16. hypotonic solution
    cells absorb water, swell and may burst
  17. hypertonic
    cells lose water shrivel
  18. isotonic
    normal saline
  19. uniport
    • uni-carries one solute
    • sym-carries 2 or more solutes in same direction
    • anti-carries 2 or more solutes in opposite directions
  20. facilitated diffusion
    carrier-mediated transport of solute throughgh a membrane down its concentration gradient
  21. endocytosis
    process that bring material into the cell
  22. exocytosis
    discharging material from the cell
  23. phagocytosis
    cell eating
  24. pinocytosis
    cell drinking
  25. endoplasmic reticulum
    sytem of interconnected channels called cisternae enclosed by unit membrane
  26. rough endoplasmic reticulum
    composed of parallel flattened sacs covered with ribosomes
  27. ribosomes
    small granules of protein and RNA
  28. golgi complex
    a small system of cisternae that synthesize carbohydrates and put the finishing touches on protien and glycoprotein synthesis
  29. lysosomes
    package of enzymes bound by a single unit membrane
  30. autophagy
    digest and dispose of worn out mitochondria and other organelles
  31. autolysis
    cell suicide
  32. mitochondrion
    organelles specialized for synthesizing ATP
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