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  1. Allopathy
    a system of medical practice in which specific remedies(often pharmaceutical agents) are used to produce effects different from those produced by a disease or injury
  2. Osteopathy
    a system of medicla practice that combines allopathic principles with specific attention to postural mechanics of the body
  3. Chiropractic
    manipulation of the verteral column to relieve malignments
  4. Acupuncture
    insertion of fine needles into the body to alter electroenergy fields and cure disease
  5. Homeopathy
    the use of nimute doses of herbs, minerals, or other substances to sitmulate healing
  6. Naturopathy
    a system of treatment that avoids drugs and surgery and emphasizes the use of natural agents, such as sunshine, to correct underlyin imbalances
  7. Herbalism
    an ancient from of healing in which heral preparations are used to treat illness and diesase
  8. Ayurveda
    traditional indian medicine based on hergal remedies
  9. Self-care movement
    trend toward individual taken increased responsibility for prevention or management of cetain health condititons
  10. Chemical name
    name used to describe the molecualr structure of a drug
  11. Generic name
    common or nonproprietary name of a drug
  12. Brand name
    specific patented name assigned to a drug by its manufacturer
  13. Quack
    a person who earns money by purposely markting inaccurate health information, unrealiable health care, or ineffective health products
  14. Quackery
    the practice of disseminating or supplying inaccurate health information, unreliable heath care, or ineffective health products for the purposes of defrauding another person
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