Flash CS5 Unit C

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  1. Symbol
    A copy of an object, such as a graphic or button that can be used more than once in a movie.
  2. Instance
    A reusable copy of a symbol on the Stage.
  3. Graphic Symbol
    A static object usually used to create an animation spanning across frames in the Timeline.
  4. Movie Clip Symbol
    A mini-movie or animation within a Flash movie that has its own Timeline and plays independently of the main movie’s Timeline.
  5. Button Symbol
    A symbol that responds to users clicking or rolling over it, which activates a different part of the movie, such as playing a movie clip.
  6. Breadcrumb Trail
    A navigation aid used to track an element’s location in the document.
  7. Transformation Point
    A small circle that appears on an object when it is selected, which Flash uses to orient the object every time you transform or animate it.
  8. Registration Point
    Appears as a small plus sign and is the default point that positions an object on the Stage.
  9. Elements of Design
    The basic ingredients used to produce artistic imagery.
  10. Principles of Design
    The concepts used to determine how the Elements of Design are used in a work.
  11. RGB
    Stands for Red, Green, Blue; a color model for color produced by emitted light, such as computer monitors.
  12. Additive Primary Colors
    The primary colors red, green, and blue that combine to form all other colors in light.
  13. Sort
    To rearrange elements on the Library panel in ascending or descending order.
  14. Group
    A command that manipulates multiple shapes or objects as one.
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