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  1. Which of the following safety precautions are to be observed when working around pyrotechnic devices?
    A. Removal of all jewelry
    B. Personnel handling pyrotechnics shall not carry lighters or matches.
    C. Removal of neckties or scarves
    D. All of the above
    A. Removal of all jewelry
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  2. What is the correct form to be used when shipping or transferring pyrotechnics?
    DD Form 1348-1A
  3. List six markings that are required on the outer packaging of a Cartridge Actuated Devices (CADs).
    • Any six of the following:
    • ● National Stock Number (NSN)
    • ● Department of Defense Identification Code (DODIC)
    • ● Nomenclature
    • ● NAVAIR Part and Dash Numbers
    • ● Quantity
    • ● Gross Weight
    • ● Cubic Displacement
    • ● Lot Number and Serial Number
  4. All personnel involved in handling ordnance shall remain alert for_______.
    damaged containers
  5. What should not be worn while handling pyrotechnics?
  6. What is a major contributor to ordnance accidents?
    Personal Fatigue
  7. Which form shall accompany all transferred pyrotechnics?
    DD Form 1348-1A
  8. What is the preferred method for filling out the form used to document the transfer of pyrotechnics?
    Typing (via ROLMS if possible)
  9. Information on the service-life of CADs can be found in what manual?
    NAVAIR 11-100-1.1
  10. Which of the following is required on the outside container of CADs being transferred to another unit?
    The gross weight
  11. At what temperature does liquid oxygen boil?
    minus 297 degrees Fahrenheit
  12. How many times its volume does liquid oxygen expand when it boils off to a gaseous state?
  13. It becomes easier to start a fire when the oxygen reached what percentage of the ambient air?
  14. Oxygen should not be stored with what type of gas?
  15. What kind of tools should be used when working on oxygen systems?
  16. What must be done before tightening or loosening oxygen lines, components, or fittings?
    Pressure shall be released
  17. How long is a hydrostatic test on an oxygen cylinder good for?
    Five Years
  18. What is the maximum torque allowed on aluminum flared tube connections on a 5/16th inch oxygen line?
    125 inch pounds
  19. Oxygen systems should not be serviced if lightning is within how many miles?
  20. On an aircraft, liquid oxygen is stored in what?
    a converter
  21. Oxygen tubing is made from aluminum or ___________ alloy tubing?
  22. List three typical discrepancies associated with aircraft oxygen systems.
    • 1) The storage system leaks for any number of reasons.
    • 2) The regulators or masks fail to operate properly.
    • 3.) The integrated ICS System at a particular station fails to operate properly
  23. How many pressure reducing valves are there on a C-130H?
  24. Pressure-reducing valves reduce high pressure oxygen to an operating pressure. What is the range of that operating pressure?
    300 to 475 PSI
  25. How many recharging hoses are on a C-130H?
  26. The upper pressure gauge on the C-130H indicates the PSI in the _______ cylinder bank?
  27. Operational checks of the system and leak check procedures for the C-130H can be found where?
    In the AFTO 1C-130H-2-35JG-00-1and ACMS MPC 350000.3
  28. How many liters of LOX are stored in the converter of a C-130J?
  29. Relief valves on the C-130J limit the system pressure of the O2 system to how many PSIG?
  30. HC-144A CASA O2 system troubleshooting guidance is contained in which manual?
    CN-235 Aircraft Maintenance Manual CGTO 1C-144A-2
  31. What color is LOX?
    Pale blue
  32. LOX boils at ______.
    - 297○ F.
  33. Gaseous oxygen is ____times heavier than air.
  34. Oxygen comprises 21% of the air at sea level. At what percentage does it become signifcantly easier to start a fire?
  35. Which gas listed below is an "oxidizing" gas?
    Chlorine and Oxygen
  36. What is used to defrost a cap that has been frozen to a bottle head?
    Warm Water
  37. Oxygen systems should not be serviced if lightning is within how many miles?
  38. In a C-130J, LOX is stored in what?
    A converter
  39. How many pressure reducing valves are on a C-130H?
  40. How many liters of LOX are stored on a C-130J?
  41. At what pressure will the relief valves on a C-130J vent?
    Approximately 430 PSI
  42. To fully isolate the high pressure side of a C-130H oxygen system from the low pressure side, you must close ___valves.
  43. How many pressure-reducing valves are on a C-130J?
  44. How long is the leak test on the demand side of a C-130?
    30 Minutes
  45. After a six hour period, how much system pressure loss is allowed on the high pressure gauges on the flight deck?
    50 psi
  46. The HC-144A oxygen system is normally serviced to what pressure?
  47. Troubleshooting procedures for the HC-144A can be found in which manual?
    CN-235 Aircraft Maintenance Manual CGTO 1C-144A-2
  48. The pressure reducing valve on the CASA is located where?
    Is integrated on the bottle head.
  49. The pressure reducing valve on the HU-25 is located where?
    Next to the bottle
  50. When leak checking the passenger and operator oxygen system on an HU-25, how long is the leak test and how much loss is allowed?
    1.5 hours, 200 PSI
  51. ROLMS is the acronym for what computer software program used to manage ammunition stocks?
    Retail Ordnance Logistics Management System
  52. What form does ROLMS automatically print when transferring ammunition?
    DD FORM 1348-1A
  53. What Block number of DD Form 1348-1A is for the Document number?
    Block 24
  54. If transporting via Highway, enter the Noun Name and U.N. Number listed in _____ to complete Block 16 of DD Form 1348-1A.
    NAVSEA SW020-AC-SAF-010
  55. Document numbers consist of what three key pieces of information?
    Unit Identification Code (UIC), four-digit Julian Date, and Serial Number
  56. Which manuals outline the minimum flight requirements for Coast Guard aircrews?
    • U.S. Coast Guard Pay Manual, COMDTINST M7220.29 (series)
    • And
    • Coast Guard Air Operations Manual COMDTINST 3710.1 (series)
  57. Which manual outlines the minimum training and flight operations required to maintain qualifications as a rescue swimmer?
    Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Manual COMDINST M3710.4 (series)
  58. List all flight/training minimums required to maintain currency as a rescue swimmer.
    An Aircraft Vector, Two freefalls, two direct deployments (one employing the crotch-strap), and two sling deployments
  59. Minimum flight hour requirements can be found in which manual?
    COMDINST M7220.29 (series)
  60. How often are rescue swimmers required to perform an aircraft vector?
  61. How many free-fall deployments must a rescue swimmer perform each quarter?
  62. How long is the flight hour "grace period" as outlined in COMDINST M7220.29 (series)?
    3 Months
  63. Which manual contains training minimums for rescue swimmers?
    COMDINST M3710.4 (series)
  64. Where are web reports saved in ALMIS?
    In the users NewsBox
  65. Proof of aircraft vector operations can be found in which section of ALMIS?
    Web Reports – Full Aircrew Logbook
  66. Which section of ALMIS creates Adobe files for printing or viewing?
    Web Reports
  67. When filling out an Issue Release/Receipt Document for pyrotechnics, what information should be included along with the noun name nomenclature in block 17 (Item Nomenclature)?
  68. Which of the following is a NAVAMMOLOGCEN-assigned four digit code that is similar to a DODIC?
    Naval Ammunition Logistic Code (NALC)
  69. Which of the following is a nine digit number that uniquely identifies a specific item of supply and includes the items NATO code?
    National Item Identification Number (NIIN)
  70. List the two types of Coast Guard aircraft inspection categories
    Routine and Special
  71. List the five routine inspections.
    • Preflight Inspection
    • Thruflight Inspection
    • Postflight Inspection.
    • Hourly/Weekly Inspections
    • ACMS Maintenance Due List
  72. What is the purpose of the Significant Component History Report?
    A computer generated report that maintains a record of significant maintenance actions on serial number tracked items
  73. List five aircraft maintenance records
    • CG-4377 Part III, Maintenance Record
    • CG-4377A, Flight Safety Maintenance Document
    • CG-4377B, NO FLY
    • Maintenance Discrepancy Report
    • CG-5181, Carry Forward Discrepancies
  74. What is the definition for Mandatory Special Requirements (MSR)?
    The MSR tracks and reports maintenance actions for life support and other special support equipment carried on the various aircraft or retained at the operating units and maintenance shops.
  75. What manual is used to determine crew rest requirements for aircrew?
    Air Operations Manual, COMDTINST M3710.1 (series)
  76. What manual outlines servicing for Coast Guard aircraft?
    Aeronautical Engineering Maintenance Management Manual, COMDTINST M13001.1 (series)
  77. Which manuals outline aircraft and aeronautical records, reports, and publications?
    • ACMS User's Guide - Aeronautical Engineering Process Guide, CGTO PG-85-00-10.
    • Aeronautical Engineering Maintenance Management Process Guide, CGTO PG-85-00-110
  78. Which publication outlines fire response and safety?
    Safety and Environmental Health Manual, COMDTINST M5100.47 (series)
  79. What publication outlines hangar deck safety?
    Aeronautical Engineering Maintenance Management Process Guide, CGTO PG-85-00-110
  80. Which publication provides additional information about aircraft and aeronautical records, reports, and publications?
    CGTO PG 85-00-110
  81. Winds should not exceed _____ when jacking aircraft outside.
    15 miles per hour
  82. Who is responsible to ensure their unit has a well-defined towing plan?
    Commanding Officer
  83. When an aircraft is being taxied within _____ feet of obstructions, a minimum of one wing-walker for each wingtip shall be provided.
  84. A Quality Assurance release signature is mandatory for any grounding discrepancy or _____.
    flight control work
  85. Which publication outlines crew rest requirements for aircrews?
    CGTO PG 85-00-10
  86. Aircraft must not be taxied at any time within _____ feet of obstructions.
  87. Which materiel type, less avionics, is used in USCG aviation supply support with a unit price of $250 or more?
    Type 2
  88. What is the limit for water contamination in turbine fuels?
    5 ppm
  89. There shall be no defueling within _____ feet of operating ground or aircraft radar.
  90. USCG aircraft inspection types and applications are defined under two categories, routine and _____.
  91. What computer generated report maintains a record of significant maintenance actions on serial number tracked items?
    Significant Component History Report
  92. The preflight inspection is accomplished prior to the first flight of the day and remains effective for _____ hours, provided no subsequent maintenance has been performed.
  93. Who shall ensure that all damage sustained is properly inspected by competent maintenance personnel and that the complete extent of the damage has been reported?
    Commanding Officer
  94. Hourly maintenance may be performed early or delayed up to _____ percent maximum (exceptions will be listed on the MDL).
  95. Which report provides the operational activity with a listing of the serial number tracked items for a given aircraft?
    Configuration report
  96. Which of the following is a routine inspection?
    Weekly Inspection
  97. What form is used to indicate that the aircraft is grounded for suspension of ACMS tracking?
    CG-4377B, No Fly
  98. Which of the following is used to capture aircraft/unit operating statistics?
    Aircraft Status Report
  99. Who approves extensions beyond those listed in the MDL?
    Appropriate Product Line Engineering Cell Leader
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