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  1. m
  2. MAFO
    molded ankle foot orthosis
  3. Max A
    maximal assistance - pt does at least 25% of work
  4. MD
    muscular dystrophy, medical dr
  5. MFR
    myofascial release
  6. Min A
    minimal assistance - pt does at least 75% of work
  7. Mod A
    moderate assistance - pt does at least 50% of work
  8. Mod I
    modified independence
  9. MP
    metacarpophalangeal phalanx
  10. MS
    mental status, muscoloskeletal
  11. MV A
    motor vehicle accident
  12. NBQC
    narrow base quad cane
  13. nl, N
  14. N/T
    not tested
  15. NPO
    nothing by mouth
  16. NWB
    non-weight bearing
  17. OOB
    out of bed
  18. OR
    operating room
  19. OSH
    outside hospital
  20. PCP
    primary care physician
  21. PE
    physical examination
  22. Peds
  23. PF
    plantar flexion
  24. PIP
    proximal interphalangeal phalanx
  25. PMH
    past medical history
  26. PNF
    Propioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
  27. POD
    Post-operative day
  28. PPO
    preferred provider organization
  29. PPS
    post polio syndrome, prospective payment system
  30. PROM
    passive range of motion
  31. PSIS
    posterior superior iliac spine
  32. Qod
    every other day
  33. QOL
    quality of life
  34. RD
    radial deviation, registered dietician
  35. RR
    recovery room, respiratory rate

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Abbreviations Page 3
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