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  1. What is the direction of the rooms?
    East to West
  2. What happens when the clock chimes?
    Everyone stops
  3. What is the plague that is taking place during the story?
  4. Color of rooms/ different about black room?
    two colors instead of one (red & black)
  5. What makes Hop Frog crazy?
  6. Why is it impossible for guests to help the king?
    no weapons, no bright lights - just candle light
  7. What is a jester?
    clown or fool
  8. How does Hop Frog get his name?
    He skips and is round/fat
  9. Who does the Narrator blame for the death of his wife?
    2nd cat
  10. What is the image on the cat?
    gallows (where they hang you)
  11. Why does the narrator kill Pluto?
    he feels the need to do something bad
  12. What is the Transcendentalists view?
    everything is a reflection of the devine soul
  13. Hawthorne and Melville both...
    saw a dark side of human equistance
  14. Dark Romantics and Transcendentalists both...
    signs/symbols of human events
  15. Utopian communites were founded to...
    form a more perfect society
  16. Children can see nature better because..
    they see with both their eyes and heart
  17. Purpose of Nature essay..
    to appreciate nature in a different way
  18. Emerson was a promoter of..
  19. Society is a..
    corrupt force
  20. Purpose of Resistance to Civil Gov. Essay:
    wanted different gov.
  21. Why did he want to live at Walden?
    to live amore simple life
  22. Why did he want to leave Walden?
    to experience new things
  23. What is important in life?
    simple things
  24. What is his opinion about life?
    to be happy
  25. to be king/emporer
  26. conspirator, gossiper, first to stap Caesar
  27. Caesar's wife
  28. right hand man, devoted follower of Caesar, kills Brutus
    Mark Antony
  29. Brutus' wife
  30. selfish, mastermind, organizes conspiracy
  31. "beware the ides of march"
  32. loves people & Caesar; leads conspiracy
  33. Difference in opinions of Caesar: Brutus & Cassius
    • Cassius: thinks he's a coward
    • Brutus: likes him, knows his flaws, & doesn't think he should be king
  34. Why will they not include Cicero or kill Mark Antony?
    Brutus will not follow anyone & Brutus thinks killing Antony is unnecessary and too bloody
  35. Why does Caesar change his mind on the Ides of March and go to the Senate?
    Decius reinterprets his dream and changes his mind
  36. What does Brutus say at the funeral?
    I love Caesar, but I love Rome more
  37. What did Mark Antony say at the funeral?
    Brutus= Noble, points out that Caesar is not ambitious
  38. How does Brutus die?
    he runs into his own sword that he asked someone to hold
  39. What does Mark Antony's side gather to discuss?
    Who's going to die/ live on enemy list
  40. What message does Caesar's ghost bring?
    I'll see you at Phillipi
  41. How was Cassius killed?
    Pandorius stabs him
  42. Why is Brutus noble?
    He was the only one who killed Caesar for unselfish reasons
  43. Dickinson didn't achieve fame during her lifetime, why?
    She never released her poems. They were published after her death
  44. What was described about singers in Whitman's I hear america singing?
    Each singer sang about their jobs, each one was different
  45. #33 presents what types of heroes?
    Ordinary American heroes
  46. Why was Dickonson a hermit?
    Stayed indoors, because everyone around her died
  47. What is the speaker doing in BICNSFD?
    going to tomb with death on a carriage ride
  48. Who can appreciate success in SCS?
    people who are failures
  49. What is emphasized about the 3 soldiers?
    they all made a sacrafice
  50. Dickinson got her poetry from..
  51. the use of language to evoke a picture or a concrete sensation of a person, thing, place or an experience; word pictures
  52. a word or phrase that describes one thing in terms of another & that is not meant to be taken literally
    figurative language
  53. the repitition of the same or similar consonant sounds
  54. makes a comparison between two unlike things without like, as, than.
  55. the use of a word whose sound imitaties or suggests its meaning
  56. subdivision of an act
  57. group of lines that form a unit in a poem
  58. comparison of two unlike things using like, as..
  59. word, phrase, line or group of lines that is repeated several times in a poem
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