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  1. ´╗┐pre boot execution enviroment (network installation)
  2. Remote installation services uses what to contact a server running ris?
    pxe, and dhcp
  3. pre instalation checks to make sure the os can be loaded, it checks the hardware using what?
    Hardware abstraction layer (HAL)
  4. physically sitting in from of the computer you are installing the OS on
  5. not being infront of the computer and inputing data at every prompt
  6. text file containing a complete set of instructions and predertimed answers from the unattended installation of an os
    answer files
  7. a text file that works in conjunction with the answer file during the setup process allowing you to create a unique answer set for each server install
    uniqueness database file (UDF)
  8. an update to a decive driver due to unforseen circumstances at the time of product release
    updated device driver
  9. program created by microsoft to quickly fix or patch a problem, usually plugs security problems
    hot fix
  10. combined drivers, hot fixes and software patches
    service pack
  11. command for starting active directory installation wizard
  12. active directory uses what to locate networked computers by resolving computer names to ip addresses?
    domain name service (DNS)
  13. any hosts on the internet that need to look up domain name information
  14. servers that contain databases of associated names and ip addresses and provide this information to the resolvers on request
    name servers
  15. records within the dns database file that match up hosts naames and ip addresses for nodes on a network
    resource records
  16. there are billions of resources records that make up the dns and these are contained within files called
  17. name servers only asking other servers for information and caching any replies
    caching servers
  18. each host has an A record. This is the forward lookup zone host name-to-ip address mapping
    HOST, type A
  19. A canonical Name (CNAME) record is an alias for a specified host name, lets you have more than one host name mapped to 1 ip address
    ALIAS, type CNAME
  20. Use MX records to identify which mail server to contact for a specified domain
    Mail Exchange, type MX
  21. PTR records are used in reverse lookup zone to list ip address to host name mappings
    Pointer, type PTR
  22. NS records are used to identify the domain's name servers. An NS record is created automatically when you install DNS server services
    Name server, type NS
  23. consists of a tree of domain names
    dns name space
  24. resolving a hostname to an IP address
    forward lookup zone
  25. resolve ip address to hostname
    reverse lookup zone
  26. Master copy of zone database file
    Primary zone database
  27. Copy of the primary zone database
    secondary zone database
  28. technical term referring to a name to ip (forward lookup) or ip address to name (reverse lookup) request
    DNS queries
  29. queries made by client applications
    recursive queries
  30. queries made by name servers to other name servers (gets referrals)
    non-recursive queries
  31. the 13 name server located world-wide that form the upper most layer of the DNS namespace
  32. Air force dns policies
    AFI 33-115v1, network operations (NETOPS)
  33. All airforce dns servers must
    provide reverse lookup capability, allow zone transfers between primary and secondary name servers, and run only the dns service
  34. supports automatic client update sto dns database records
    DDNS (dynamic domain naming service)
  35. DDNS uses what to maintain synchronized name to ip mappings for the network hosts
  36. reduces configuration time for TCP/IP networks by automatically assigning IP addresses to clients during the log-on process
    DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol)
  37. range of ip addresses you want your server to lease to its clients
  38. at least how many scopes muct be created for every DHCP server?
  39. DHCP servers must be authorized through
    ADS (active directory services)
  40. DHCP will allocate dynamic ip addresses for
    all noncritical workstations connected to internal base network, remote access clients
  41. lease for noncritical workstations
    30 days
  42. allows network administrators to install windows client software and upgrades to clients from a centralized location
    remote installation service (RIS)
  43. what turns a computer into a web server that can provide www publishing services, ftp, smtp, and nntp services
    Internet information services (IIS)
  44. Component giving a server the ability to control access to its recources over the internet
    world wide web server
  45. unifies day to day system management tasks, host tools or different programs in a console
    Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
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