collection techniques

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  1. Sweep Netting
    Active collecting, sweeping net back and forth in grass or brush
  2. Beat Sheets
    Active collecting, white sheet laid on the ground and brush is beat onto sheet.
  3. Aquatic Nets
    Active collecting, net dragged along banks or bottom.
  4. Barking
    Active collecting, peeling bark off of trees.
  5. Hand Collecting
    Active collection, hand picking insects off of objects
  6. Light Traps
    Passive Collecting, Setup light on white sheet at night, insects are attracted to light.
  7. Malaise Traps
    Passive Collecting, Trap with a barrier and tent where the insects fly up into kill jar
  8. Pitfall and dish traps
    Passive Collecting, trap insects walking along the ground. Dig a hole put a dish with soapy water at the bottom.
  9. Berlsese Funnel
    Passive collecting, Dig up forrest litter put it into a funnel with a trap at the bottom, insects fall into trap.
  10. Carrion trap
    Passive collecting, Trap using rotton meat, sweep net over trap.
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