Clarity Characteristics

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  1. What is a Blemish?
    Characteristic or irregularity confined to surface of polished stone.
  2. What is an Inclusion?
    • Characteristic enclosed w/in gem or reaching the surface:
    • 1) Breaks
    • 2) Pocket of Fluids
    • 3) Foreign Mineral Crystals
  3. 3 basic types of Breaks "Feathers"?
    • 1. Cleavage
    • 2. Parting
    • 3. Fracture

    *In the trade breaks are called "Feathers" b/c they often look white & feathery
  4. Cleavage
    Most threatning type of break b/c of vulnarability in the Crystal Structure-

    Flat break w/ step-like appearance

    Topaz, Tanzanite, Kunzite & Moonstone (Diamonds) tend to Cleave
  5. Parting
    A break parralel to Twinning Plane, location of a change of direction in a gems Crystal Structure durring growth

    Black Sapphires, most common in
  6. Fracture
    Any break other than cleavage or parting

    Often have scallop shape, frequently occur durring gems growth or mining practice

    Reach the surface, often treated with epoxy or resin to reduce noticability.

  7. Clarity
    Gem's relative freedom from Inclusions & Blemishes

    Major part of any Transparent stone's Value
  8. Eye Clean
    Descripton for gem w/ inclusions only visible under magnification
  9. Included Crystal
    Mineral Crystal trapped w/in a gem as it grows
  10. Fluid Inclusions
    Small pocket in gem thats filled w/ fluids & sometimes gas bubbles & tiny crystals
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