Sec5 Ocean Water

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  1. Ocean water temperature depends on ----- ------ an area recieves and the water's movement
    solar energy
  2. Gases disolve most easily in ---- ----- -----.
    cold ocean water
  3. As deep ocean water becomes colder, it also becomes ------.
  4. Two factors that affect the salinity of the ocean water are?
    density and temperature
  5. When surface ocean water is warmed by solar energy, its density ---------.
  6. what percent of the ocean water is made of salts?
  7. High evaporation and low rainfall in summer cause the Mediterranean Sea to have ------ salinity and ------ density.
    high salinity and high density
  8. The layer in a body of water in which temperature drops with increased depth faster than it does in other layers is called what?
    The thermocline
  9. Raising aquatic plants and animals for human consumption is called?
  10. Oceans are often referred to as a ------ ---- because it holds 60 times the carbon that is contains in the atmosphere.
    carbon sink
  11. Although most wavelengths of visible light are absorbed at varying degrees by ocean water and microscopic sea life, ---- is the one color that is reflected.
  12. The ocean zone that receives the most solar energy and is home to the most deverse ocean life forms is what?
    the pelagic zone
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