Sec6 Ocean Currents

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  1. Two consecutive wave crestas pass a given point in what?
    one wave period
  2. very large waves are usually the result of what?
    a long fetch
  3. During what period does a water particle move in one complete circle?
    During a single wave period
  4. A gap in a line of breakers is often a sign of what?
    rip currents
  5. What develps when water from large breakers returns to the ocean through channels that cut through underwater sandbars?
    rip currents
  6. sandbars are formed by what?
    longshore currents
  7. What is the major cause of tides?
    The gravitation pull of the moon on Earth and its waters
  8. A tidal current that flows out toward the ocean is called?
    and ebb tide
  9. The swift, warm current that flows northward along the east coast of the United States is called?
    The Gulf Stream
  10. In tropical latitudes, trade wind belts push currents --------.
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