DM ch 20

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  1. the probability of harm
  2. the opposite of risk; probability of no harm
  3. OSHA
    occupational Safety and Health Administration
  4. require that the same infection control procedures for any given dental procedure or task must be followed for each patient and that all patients adn material smust be treated as potentially infectious
    Universal Precautions
  5. Guidelines isued for precautions for contact with blood and other bodily fluids including secretions and excretions. These guidelines inlude and supersede universal precautions and are refered to as
    Standard precautions
  6. Instrument Sterilization: Critical, semicritical , noncritical
    • Critical-must be heat sterilized and includes items that may penetrated or touch broken mucous membranes or skin
    • semicritical-heat or chemical liquid sterilization (high-level disinfectants), these tough, but do not penetrate mucous membranes
    • noncritical objects-do not come in contact with mucous membranes but are touched or contaminated during dental treatment
  7. other asceptic tecniques
    • distribution of supplies and materials
    • managing aerosol and splatter (rubber dam, pretx mouthrinse and toothbrushing)
    • safe handling and disposal of sharp items contaminated with blood or saliva
    • exposure control plan
  8. it is very easy to get loose items stuck in this. contain long hair securely, adn do not use this when wearing loose jewelry, ties, scarves, or loose-fitting gloves
  9. be sure that a slip will not result in a finger or a hand being thrust into the cutting disk. Use a palm rest, wht ethe palm of the hand rests on the front of the table of this machine. The fingers should hold the cast in the area most distant from the cutting disk
    model trimmer
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