SOG 401

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  1. A team combined of all members of the Specialized Response Teams, on or off duty.
    Activated by administrative request to assist with massive urban search and rescue incidents that may require long range JFRD involvement.
    • The USAR Team
    • pg26
  2. A secondary RIT consisting of what units and will automatically be assigned on all W-3’s involving large commercial structures or a second alarm or greater in any type of structure
    • Ladder 4 and Heavy Rescue 4
    • pg26
  3. What will be assigned on all Hazardous Material Incidents?
    • A Safety Officer
    • pg25
  4. Who will be dispatched when information is received indicating numerous persons are ill and are experiencing the same type of symptoms.
    • Decontamination Team is comprised of Fire Station 21
    • pg25
  5. Who will be assigned to all incidents involving the Decon Unit.
    • Fire 4 and a Hazardous Materials Team
    • pg25
  6. The Special Operations Team is compromised of
    • the Fire Station 4 and Station 13
    • will respond together on all incidents involving
    • pg25
    • ...Confirmed W-3’s involving commercial buildings (IC should consider using the Special Ops team as RIT)
  7. Officers will make an entry for each transfer as it occurs on what?
    • in the daily log
    • pg24
  8. In the combined territories of?
    (2) fully staffed Engine Companies and one fully staffed Ladder Company shall be maintained at all times.
    • Stations 1, 2, 4, 5, and 9,
    • pg24
  9. Who is the primary transfer Ladder company for the downtown area?
    • Ladder 28
    • pg24
  10. SOG 401.43
    Police will be dispatched to these calls, what are they?
    • Armed
    • Attempted Suicide
    • Bomb Threat
    • Civil Disturbance
    • Construction/Industrial Incident
    • Discharging Firearm
    • DUI (Driving Under the Influence)
    • Electrocution 
    • Family Disturbance
    • GSW (Gunshot Wound)
    • Hit and Run 
    • Illegal Substance
    • Intoxicated
    • Murder
    • Psychiatric
    • Rape
    • Stabbing/Cutting
    • Traffic Accident
    • WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction)
    • Animal Bite – JSO will be dispatched automatically for any dog bite. JSO contacts Animal Control
  11. “Signal 13”
    • Infectious Incident (HIV, TB, hepatitis, etc) –
    • FRCC will contact responding
    • field personnel via red phone and include in additional information “Signal 13” and type of infectious incident.
    • This description is used in conjunction with another description
  12. “Signal 5”
    • Murder –
    • Advised by field personnel (“Signal 5” may be used in sensitive situations)
  13. “Signal 27”
    • Psychiatric –
    • “Signal 27”
    • may be broadcasted to ensure patient confidentiality
  14. “Signal 65”
    • Rape
    • – When received by FRCC, include
    • “apparent, attempted, or alleged” in additional information.
    • “Signal 65” may be used in sensitive circumstances
    Acknowledge -
    Acknowledge – (message understood)
    All Clear
    All Clear – Indicates Primary or Secondary Search for occupants is completed
    Situation Under Control –
    • Situation Under Control – During structure fire incidents, this benchmark indicates forward progression of fire is stopped. During non-emergency or routine incidents, this statement indicates field personnel are not in involved
    • in life-threatening situation
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