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  1. (Trib) Samara
    Dnieper River
  2. (Trib) Pripyat
    Dnieper River
  3. Art as Experience
    John Dewey
  4. The Public and Its Problems
    John Dewey
  5. Wrote about the "live creature"
    John Dewey
  6. Wrote about the "organization of energies"
    John Dewey
  7. The Quest for Certainty
    John Dewey
  8. State that was the site of the Bear River Massacre
  9. Fare v. Michael C deals with this rule
    Miranda Rule
  10. Dickerson v. United States upheld this rule
    Miranda Rule
  11. Rose to power following the invasion of Charles VIII
  12. N-VA is a secessionist group in…
  13. Commanded Andersonville prison
    Henry Wirz
  14. Formulated the Gaia Hypothesis
    James Lovelock
  15. Sociobiologist who studied ants
    EO Wilson
  16. Archaeological site in Suffolk, England
    Sutton Hoo
  17. Cape on the Northern tip of Madagascar
    Cape Amber
  18. Accepted the surrender of Adminius, which led to Britain invasion
  19. Ordered the death of Macro, the leader of the Praetorian Guard
  20. Won the Battle of Dunbar
    Edward Longshanks
  21. Defeated the Scottish John Balliol
    Edward Longshanks
  22. Gave a famous resolution that led to the Declaration of Independence
    Richard Henry Lee
  23. Authored the Westmoreland Resolution
    Richard Henry Lee
  24. President of Chile
    Sebastian Pinera
  25. Succeeded Michelle Bachelet
    Sebastian Pinera
  26. Origin of Table Manners
  27. Franz Boas died in this man's arms
  28. On Being and Essence
    Thomas Aquinas
  29. A Matter of Interpretation
  30. Formed by the confluence of the N'mai and Mali Rivers
  31. Declared "Just Watch Me"
  32. Opponent of Maurice Duplessis
  33. River near Fallen Timbers
    Maumee River
  34. Indians at Fallen Timbers
    • Little Turtle
    • Blue Jacket
  35. Alexander McKillop led Canadians at this battle
    Fallen Timbers
  36. Lost a gubernatorial election to Dick Thornburgh
    Arlen Specter
  37. Created by the First Continental Congress to boycott British goods
    Continental Association
  38. Philippine politician whose mom died
    Benigno Aquino III
  39. Conquered the Akkadians
    Sargon the Great
  40. Sacked Babylon in 689 BC
  41. Son of Sargon II
  42. Capital of the Assyrians
  43. Only English pope
    Adrian IV
  44. Means "Grasshopper Hill" and is a park in Mexico City
  45. Possible successor of Christina Fernandez
    Daniel Scioli
  46. Cotentin Peninsula juts into
    English Channel
  47. Grey Nose Cape is opposite
    White Cliffs of Dover
  48. People said he would use the Lever Act to start Prohibition
    Woodrow Wilson
  49. Held a ton of secretary positions in the 1970s
    Elliot Richardson
  50. Secretary of State in the late 40s and Defense in early 50s
    George Marshall
  51. Belief that other minds and the external world might be illusions
  52. Vocation of Man
    Johann Fichte
  53. Attempt at a Critique of All Revelation
    Johann Fichte
  54. Married Elizabeth Woodville
    Edward IV
  55. Won Battle of Tewkesbury
    Edward IV
  56. Secondary peninsula on New Zealand near Wellington
    Coromandel Peninsula
  57. Gulf on North Island in New Zealand near Wellington
    Hauraki Gulf
  58. Son of Queen Tiy
  59. Record of Shinto myths
  60. Excavated stuff on the Sea of Azov
  61. Geographic feature of the Battle of Borodino
    Utitsa Mound
  62. Rayevsky Redoubt was notable in this battle
    Battle of Borodino
  63. Prince Bagration and Barclay de Tully were leaders in this battle
    Battle of Borodino
  64. Called for a Direct Action Day
  65. Idea presented in The Gay Science
    Eternal Recurrence
  66. Flows through Marble Canyon
    Colorado River
  67. Hard Cider Campaign was important in this election
  68. First official party platform was released during this election
    Election of 1840
  69. CIA Director who resigned after Bay of Pigs
    Allen Dulles
  70. Said that Lake Victoria was the true source of the Nile
    John Speke
  71. Said that Speke was wrong in his assertion
    Richard Francis Burton
  72. Aorta bifurcates into these arteries
    Common Iliac Arteries
  73. Theobald III was supposed to lead…
    Fourth Crusade
  74. Actually led the Fourth Crusade
    • Boniface of Montferrat
    • Fourth Crusade
  75. Amendment subject of the Silverthorne case
    Fourth Amendment
  76. Sumqait is the third largest city in
  77. Peace negotiations for this war were held on the USS Lackawanna
    War of the Pacific
  78. Preceded Robert Peel
    Viscount Melbourne
  79. Manifesto written by Robert Peel
    Tamsworth Manifesto
  80. Led the French at the Fashoda Incident
    Jean-Baptiste Marchand
  81. Where did the Fashoda Incident take place?
  82. Fought at the raid on Rochefort
    James Wolfe
  83. Rebellion in Jamaica
    Morant Bay Rebellion
  84. Edward Long wrote a history of this island
  85. Third most populous city in Jamaica
    Montego Bay
  86. Another name for Ahriman
    Angra Mainyu
  87. Chief justice during Plessy v. Ferguson
  88. Where was Plessy arrested?
    New Orleans
  89. Brother of Carloman
    Pepin the Short
  90. Samana Peninsula is on this island
  91. Borda Rule solves this theorem
    Arrow's Impossibility Theorem
  92. Battle that occurred during Chancellorsville
    Salem Church
  93. Membranes that isolate vesicles
  94. Set of commentaries on the Torah
  95. Hebrew for "radiance"
  96. Mystical Judaism
  97. Constanta is a port in this country
  98. Laws that give rights to runaway slaves
    Personal Liberty Laws
  99. Heard the Prigg v Pennsylvania case
    Roger Taney
  100. Current governor of Alaska
    Sean Parnell
  101. Studied purposive behaviorism
    Edward Tolman
  102. Members of this phylum have a nerve ring around their gut
  103. Lies west of the Scotia Sea
    Drake Passage
  104. Trail that linked missions in California
    Camino Real
  105. Said that the 14th amendment was a "mistake"
    Lindsey Graham
  106. Pasig and Rajang Rivers flow into this sea
    South China Sea
  107. Macclesfield Bank is in the middle of this sea
    South China Sea
  108. Plot of this book is a battle for the throne of Hastinapura
  109. Wrote an inquiry into the nature of peace
  110. Discussed "pecuniary emulation"
  111. Encouraged the CIA to overthrow Jacobo Arbenz
    Dwight Eisenhower
  112. His rise to power was supported by the Parthian Vologases I
  113. Won the second battle of Bedriacum
  114. Produces gelatinous "colloid"
  115. Malfunctions in myxedema
  116. One ruler of this dynasty was the "Shining Martial Emperor"
  117. Sikh girls always take this name
  118. Notable Manchurian River
    Ussuri River
  119. Mameluke dynasty
    Bahri Dynasty
  120. Paul de Barras was a member of this group
  121. Jean Francois Rewbell was a member of this group
  122. Followers of this man formed the Moravian church
    Jan Hus
  123. Vinson Massif in the Sentinel Range is in this mountain group
    Ellsworth Mountains
  124. Speech given by Sojourner Truth
    Ain't I a Woman?
  125. Grandson of JQA
    Henry Adams
  126. Norm-violating behavior that is the subject of strain theory
    Social Deviance
  127. Coined the idea of a "self-fulfilling prophecy"
    Robert K Merton
  128. Wrote the decision in Texas v White
    Salmon P Chase
  129. Coined the term "Metabolism"
  130. Was assassinated by Artabanus
    Xerxes I
  131. Won the throne over his half brother Artobazan
    Xerxes I
  132. Refused the title King of Babylon
    Xerxes I
  133. Succeeded Johann Philipp Stadion
  134. Catholic Radio Personality from Royal Oak during the Great Depression
    Charles Coughlin
  135. Forbes Commission dealt with US actions here
  136. Principia Ethica
    GE Moore
  137. "Proof of an External World"
    GE Moore
  138. Stores calcium ions in muscle cells
  139. Zhou conference
    Shaoling Conference
  140. System of domination used during the Zhou Dynasty
    Zhou Dynasty
  141. Asked whether "naturalism is irreligious"
  142. Dominations and Powers
  143. Second most populous Ukranian city
  144. Explorer who was lost trying to find the Northwest Passage
    John Franklin
  145. Succeeded by Naoto Kan
    Yukio Hatoyama
  146. Longest ruling pharaoh
    Pepi II
  147. Was declared constitutional in Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp case
    Wagner Act
  148. Prompted by the Schechter case
    Wagner Act
  149. Book that talks about a tyrant who saves a man from drowning (give author too)
    • Utilitarianism
    • JS Mill
  150. Called itself the "Army of Redressers"
  151. Third most populous city of India
  152. "Silicon Valley" of India
  153. His dissertation examined cross-cultural differences in conformity in Norway and Paris
  154. Talked about the "sick soul"
    William James
  155. Varieties of Religious Experience
    William James
  156. Separates the St Lawrence River and the Gulf of St Lawrence
    Honguedo Strait
  157. Implicated James G Blaine (documents)
    Mulligan Letters
  158. Unified by Aethelfrith
  159. Largest and westernmost of Pakistan' provinces
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