Bev A Chap 1-6

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  1. medical records
    a detailed document of a person's hospital stay
  2. superior (cephalic)
    directional term toward the head
  3. inferior (caudal)
    directional term toward the feet
  4. postererior or dorsal
    directional term meaning towards the back (spinal cord)
  5. anterior or ventral
    directional term towards the front of the body
  6. medial
    directional toward the middle (heart)
  7. leteral
    directional term meaning to the side (hip)
  8. proximal
    point closet to the attachment of the body (shoulder)
  9. distal
    diectional term meaning farthest away from the attachment of the body (the hand is distal to the elbow)
  10. apex
    tip of organ
  11. base
    bottom of organ
  12. superficial
    toward the surface of the body
  13. deep
    further away from the surface of the body
  14. supine
    laying face up
  15. prone
    laying face down
  16. abrasion
    scraping away of skin do to friction (rug burn)
  17. contusion
    a bruise
  18. cyanosis
    having a blusish tint to the skin
  19. diaphoresis
    excessive sweeling
  20. ecchymosis
    bruise caused by blood collecting under the skin
  21. hirsutism
    exsessive hair growth
  22. lesion
    a wound
  23. nevus
    birthmark or mole
  24. pallor
    abnormal palness of the skin
  25. purulent
    pus filled
  26. urticaria
  27. chiropractic
    healthcare and treatment for spinal and muscles
  28. crepitation
    sound of broken bone rubbing together
  29. kyphosis
    hunch back
  30. lordosis
    swayback (lean with belly forward)
  31. fractures
    broke in a bone
  32. abduction
    move away from the middle of the body (swing arms out)
  33. adduction
    to move towards the middle of the body (swing arms in front of you)
  34. flexion
    being bent (making a muscle)
  35. extension
    move limb to a staight condition (pull arm up at elbow)
  36. dorsiflexion
    bending foot or hand (toes up as holding a door open)
  37. planter flexion
    flexing toes down (plant your foot)
  38. eversion
    turning outward, ( knee in)
  39. inversion
    turning outward (knee out)
  40. pronation
    to turn palms or foot downward (no soup)
  41. supinatin
    turning palms or foot upward (please soup)
  42. elevation
    move upward (shrug shoulders)
  43. depression
    downward movement (drop shoulders)
  44. circumduction
    move in a circle (arm swimming)
  45. opposition
    moving thumb toward palm (number 4)
  46. rotation
    moving around in a central axis (circle arms)
  47. adhesion
    scar tissue
  48. atrophy
    poor muscle development due to muscle disease muscle wasting
  49. contracture
    abnormal shortening of muscle fibers, tendons, difficult to stretch the muscle
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