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  1. Which hormone is dominant in which menstrual phase?
    • Follicular - estrogen
    • Luteal - progesterone
  2. What stimulates granulosa cell proliferation?
  3. What triggers the positive feedback of estrogen?
    The profile of increasing blood estrogen during the follicular phase
  4. What transports steroid hormones in blood?
    • sex hormone binding globulin
    • cortisol binding globulin
  5. Functions of the cervix
    • Raptid transport of sperm
    • Colonization of sperm in cervical crypts, slow release
  6. Describe Sprem capacitation
    Acrosome reaction - sperm interacts with zona pellucida and digests way to oocyte
  7. What are the cell types of the blastocyst?
    • Cytotrophoblast
    • Inner cell mass - fetus
    • Hypoblast
  8. What are the roles of HCG?
    • Maintaining the corpus luteum progesterone secretion
    • Stimulating testosterone secretion by the fetal testis
    • Its presence is the earliest definitive sign of pregnancy
  9. What are the roles of Human Placental Lactogen?
    • Mobilization of maternal fat stores
    • Peripheral insulin resistance in the mother (gestational hyperglycemia)
    • Promotes breast development
  10. What are the roles of Progesterone in pregnancy?
    • Inhibits the hypothalamus from initiating another menstrual cycle
    • Maintains vascular bed
    • Inhibits uterine smooth muscles despite their stimulation by estrogen
  11. What are the roles of Estrogen in pregnancy?
    • Development and growth of uterus
    • Promote breast development
    • Soften elastic tissues
    • Stimulates clotting factor production
  12. What are the major effects of labor?
    • Progesterone decline
    • Sustained high estrogen levels
    • Prostaglandin formation
    • Increased oxytocin receptors
    • Relaxin and oxytocin secretion
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