dance vocab

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  1. demi-plié
    half bend
  2. grand plié
    full bend
  3. en croix
    in the shape of a cross
  4. sous-sus
    under-over, tight 5th positon in relevé
  5. tendu
    to stretch
  6. devant
    in front
  7. détourné
    turned aside
  8. demi détourné
    half turn
  9. dégagé
    to disengage
  10. rond de jambe
    circle of the leg
  11. en dedans
  12. en dehors
  13. À terre
    on the floor
  14. en l'air
    in the air
  15. fondu
    to melt
  16. développé
    to develop
  17. frappé
    to strike
  18. coupé
    to cut
  19. cou-de-pied, sur le
    on the neck of the foot. the working foot is placed on the part of the leg between the base of the calf and the beginning of the ankle
  20. grand battement
    large beating of the leg
  21. Attitude
    a position on one leg with the other lifted in back, the knee bent at an angle of 90 degrees and well turned out so that the knee is higher than the foot
  22. retiré
  23. passé
    to pass
  24. allongé
    extended; outstretched
  25. adagio
  26. allégro
    fast; lively
  27. croisé
  28. croisé devant
    crossed in the front
  29. croisé derriére
    crossed in the back
  30. piqué
    to prick
  31. chaîné
    a chain
  32. petit
  33. petit battement
    small beating of the leg
  34. relevé
    to rise
  35. chassé
    to chase
  36. pas de bourrée
    step of the bourree
  37. soubresaut
    sudden spring or bound
  38. échappé
    to escape
  39. changement de pieds
    change of feet
  40. port de bras
    movement of the arms
  41. Assemblé
    to assemble (the feet)
  42. jeté, grand
    large throwing step
  43. Dessous
    under. indicates that the working foot passes behind the supporting foot
  44. Dessus
    over. indicates that the working foot passes in front of the supporting foot
  45. révérence
    reverence; bow; curtsy
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