SFOS 86/87/88

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  1. What is the path of individual sperm?
    • Seminiferous tubules
    • Straight tubules
    • Rete testis
    • Efferent ductules
    • Ductus epididymis
    • Vas deferens
    • Ejactulatory duct
    • Urethra
  2. What are the functions of Sertoli cells?
    • Blood-testis barrier
    • Phagocytosis
    • Maintaining high local androgen level
    • Secrete inhibin (feedback loop for FSH)
  3. What is the process of sperm maturation?
    • Spermatogonia
    • Primary spermatocytes (Meiosis I)
    • Secondary spermatocytes (Meiosis II)
    • Spermatids
    • Spermatozoa (non-motile)
  4. Where do sperm gain motility?
  5. What is the function of Leydig cells?
    What controls them?
    • Testosterone secretion
    • Regulated by LH (ICSH)
  6. Epididymitis
    • Inflammation of the epididymis
    • Common cause of infertility
    • Usually due to gonorrhea
  7. Accessory sex glands
    • Seminal vesicle - secretion high in fructose controlled by testosterone
    • Prostate gland
    • Bulbourethral glands
  8. Describe mechanism of erection
    • Parasympathetic release of ACh
    • Causes endothelium to release nitric oxide
    • NO promotes increased cGMP
    • Promotes smooth muscle relaxation/increased blood flow to corpora cavernosa
  9. What is the mechanism of action of Viagra?
    Blocks enzyme that breaks down cGMP
  10. What produces Mullerian inhibiting substance?
    Sertoli cells
  11. Benign prostatic hypertrophy
    Nodules in mucosal and submucosal regions
  12. PSA and prostatic cancer
    Prostate Specific Antigen - increased levels in blood if cancer present
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