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  1. mitigate
    to make or become less severe or intense; to moderate
  2. obdurate
    unyielding; hardhearted
  3. obsequious
    exhibiting a fawning attentiveness
  4. occlude
    to obstruct or block
  5. opprobrium
    disgrace; contempt; scorn
  6. pedagogy
    the profession or principles of teaching, or instructing
  7. pedantic
    overly concerned with the trivial details of learning or education; show-offish about one's knowledge
  8. penury
    poverty; destitution
  9. pervasive
    having the tendency to permeate or spread throughout
  10. pine
    to yearn intensely; to languish; to lose vigor
  11. pirate
    to illegally use or reproduce
  12. pith
    the essential or central
  13. pithy
    precise and brief
  14. placate
    to appease; to calm by making concessions
  15. platitude
    a superficial remark esp one offered as meaningful
  16. plummet
    to plunge or drop straight down
  17. polemical
    controversial; argumentative
  18. prodigal
    recklessly wasteful; extravagant
  19. profuse
    given or coming forth abundantly; extravagant
  20. proliferate
    to grow or increase swiftly and abundantly
  21. queries
    questions; inquiries; doubts in the mind; reservations
  22. querulous
    prone to complaining or grumbling; peevish
  23. rancorous
    characterized by bitter, long-lasting resentment
  24. recalcitrant
    obstinately defiant and authority; difficult to manage
  25. repudiate
    to refuse to have anything to do with
  26. rescind
    to invalidate; to repeal; to retract
  27. reverent
    marked by, feeling, or expressing a feeling of profound awe and respect
  28. rhetoric
    the art or study of effective use of language for communication and persuasion
  29. salubrious
    promoting health or well-being
  30. solvent
    able to meet financial obligations; able to dissolved another substance
  31. specious
    seeming true, but actually being fallacious; misleadingly attractive
  32. spurious
    lacking authenticity or validity; false; counterfeit
  33. subpoena
    a court order requiring appearance and/or testimony
  34. succinct
    brief; concise
  35. superfluous
    exceeding what is sufficient or necessary
  36. surfeit
    an overabundant supply; excess; to feed or supply to excess
  37. tenacity
    the quality of adherence or persistence to something valued; persistent determination
  38. tenuous
    having little substance or strength; flimsy; weak
  39. tirade
    a long and extremely critical speech; a harsh denunciation
  40. transient
    fleeting; passing quickly; brief
  41. zealous
    fervent; ardent; impassioned, devoted to a cause
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