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  1. What is the importance of Neuroglia ?
    • Structural and functional support of neurons
    • Provides oxygen and nutrients to neurons
  2. Reflex arch;

    Direct communication between sensory and motor neuron
  3. Reflex arch;

    Polysynaptic Arch
    interneuron facilitates sensory-motor communication.
  4. Gray matter consists of
    • Neuron cell bodies
    • Dendrites
    • Axon terminals
    • Synapses
  5. White matter consists of
    myelinated axons connecting different parts of grey matter.
  6. Three layer of meninges
    • Dura mater
    • Arachnoid
    • Pia mater
  7. Creates cerebral spinal fluid
    Choroid Plexuses (ependymal cells)
  8. CSF flows
    • choroid plexuses
    • ventricles,
    • cisterns
    • thecal space
  9. The circle of willis is
    • a ring of arteries that supply the brain
    • common source of strokes
  10. What is a tight junction
    restrict passage of all but certain material through the blood brain barrier.

    at interface between blood and brain, endothelial cells and astrocytes are stiched together by tight junctions
  11. Causes of dementia
    • Alzheimers
    • multi-infact dementia
    • Parkinsons
    • Alcohol/drug
    • Misc endocrine disorders, b-12 deficiency
  12. importance of substiantia nigra,
    • Death of dopamine secreting neurons in this area is the cause of parkinsons
    • located in midbrain.
  13. importance of lewy bodies
    • destinqushing feature in PD, Lewy bodies found in affected neurons.
    • they damage mitocondria. and caus
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