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  1. ´╗┐the ability to control and monitor a computer network from a central location
    network management
  2. network management functions that support information operations are accomplished through a suite of tools provided by the
    combat information transport system (CITS)
  3. A program designed for the acquisition, sustainment, implementation, and upgrade of high speed, broadband, and digital information transport assets
    combat information transport system (CITS)
  4. Cits provides warfighter capabilities through which four systems?
    information transport systems (ITS) voice switching systems (vss) Telecom management system (TMS) and net op and info assurance (NO/IA) systems
  5. This portion of the cits program ensures every active duty and reserve base has the network infrastructure to link existing and future voice, data, video ect. systems via a high capacity transport media
    Information transport system (ITS)
  6. The primary means to achieve the its goal is a single mode fiber optic backbone supporting what kind of network?
    asynchronus transfer mode (ATM)
  7. what is responsible for the air force systems networking (AFSN) program
    combat information transport system (CITS)
  8. this provides mission essential telephone services to official base customers
    voice switching system (VSS)
  9. this enables net-centric management of the air force voice network
    Telecommunications management system (TMS)
  10. this system provides an evolving suite of network management and network defense tools to monitor and control the internal and external flow of information across the AF enterprise network
  11. the primary means for understanding the major functions of network management systems
    iso/iec 7498-4
  12. the goal of this is detect, log, notify users of, and automatically fix network problems to keep it running efficiently
    fault management
  13. the goal of this is to monitor network and system configuration information so the affected hardware/software can be managed and tracked
    configuration management
  14. the goal of this is to measure network utilization parameters so individual group usage on the network can be regulated
    accounting management (remember accountability)
  15. the goal of this is to measure various aspects of network performance so internetwork performance can be maintained at an acceptable level
    performance management
  16. when a performance threshold is exceeded, what can be generated and sent to the network management system?
    trap or notification
  17. the goal of this is to control access to network resources so the network cannot be sabotaged and sensitive information cannot be accessed
    security management
  18. security management is provided by which suite of tools?
    Information assurance (IA)
  19. Which 3 key components does a network management system using simple network management protocol use?
    network-management systems (NMS), Managed devices, and agents
  20. this executes applications that monitor and control managed devices
    network-management system (NMS) ex. hp openview, whatsup gold
  21. the protocol that allows the exchange of management information between managed devices and lets network admins manage network performance, find and solve net problems, and plan for net growth
  22. network node that contains an snmp agent
    a managed device
  23. network-management software that resides in a managed device
  24. A collection of information that is organized hierarchically and defines the network management information available from network devices
    Management information base (MIB)
  25. these are used to correctly communicate messages with agents, a database of network management info used and maintained by a network management protocol
  26. these include network/system incidents such as intrusions, scans, probes, and malicious logic events
  27. these could be loopholes in the security of the network, or for example someone sending classified material over non classified means
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