SOG 405

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  1. What is a (Signal 24)?
    • Investigations
    • SOG405
  2. Signal 25
    • Structure Fire
    • SOG406
  3. ALL PERSONNEL entering the effected area shall wear .
    full PPE
  4. Depending upon conditions, pump or aerial operators engaging in outside
    operations shall don PPE with the following being optional(3)
    • • Gloves
    • • SCBA
    • • Face-piece
  5. 406
    Command may assign sectors (sections, branches, divisions, groups, etc.) to
    ensure a more?(3)
    • manageable span-of-control
    • provide effective Command structure
    • fireground organization
  6. 406
    First-Arriving Engine shall?
    • • Proceed to the dispatched location to assess the extent of involvement
    • • If conditions warrant upon approach, stretch one or more supply lines.
    • This shall be done upon the availability of hydrants
  7. 406 structure fire
    Second-Arriving Engine
    • • Approach the scene only as far as the closest hydrant OR
    • • Stand-by uncommitted until directions are received
  8. 406 structure fire
    Third-Arriving Engine
    • • Approach the scene only as far as the next closest hydrant OR
    • • Stand-by uncommitted until directions are received
  9. 406 structure fire
    When standing-by at hydrants, companies shall ensure an
    adequate water supply by removing the steamer cap (or 2½” if there is no steamer) and opening the hydrant prior to attaching supply hose
  10. 406structure fire
    First-Arriving Ladder
    • • Proceed to an advantageous location near the front (A side) of the affected area of the involved address
    • • The minimum initial equipment supplied by this company shall be one set of irons (flat head axe and halligan married together) and one ek hook
  11. 406 structure fire
    Second-Arriving Ladder
    • • Proceed to an advantageous location on an opposite side (if possible) of the first-arriving Ladder
    • Stand by for instructions with crew intact unless otherwise directed.
    • • The minimum equipment supplied by this company shall be one set of irons and one ek hook
  12. 406 structure fire
    first-arriving Rescue Unit shall:
    • • Proceed directly to the scene and place their apparatus in a location that will provide unobstructed egress for patient transport while not impeding placement or operations of Suppression companies
    • • The Company Officer shall report to the Incident Commander
    • • The Engineer shall take the stretcher, jump bag, and oxygen to a location near the entrance to the structure that does not interfere with suppression activities
  13. 406 structure fire*
    Use of tankers will be at the discretion of the assigned
    Suppression District Chief.
  14. 406 structure fire
    First-Arriving Tanker
    • Place unit as close as possible to the attack Engine, with egress for refill being a primary concern
  15. 406 structure fire
    If a tanker shuttle evolution is implemented, the IC shall call a minimum of
    • two additional tankers
    • as well as another Engine company.
  16. 406 structure fire
    in tanker shuttle, the purpose of the additional Engine is to ?
    hook up to the nearest water source, rapidly pump into, and refill the tankers.
  17. 406 structure fire/tanker shuttle
    Anytime a tanker shuttle is implemented what should be considered?
    reservoir tanks
  18. 406 structure fire pg3
    First-Arriving Suppression Chief
    • Assume Command
  19. 406 structure fire
    Second-Arriving Suppression Chief will do what?(3)
    • • Counsel with the IC
    • • Assist the IC with any necessary incident control activities
    • • May be assigned control of a geographic or task oriented sector by the IC
  20. 406 structure fire
    Extra Alarm Suppression Chief(3)
    • • Counsel with the IC
    • • Assist the IC with any necessary incident control activities
    • • Assist in further sectoring the incident, if assigned by the IC
    Other Arriving Chiefs and Special Personnel
    • Report directly to the IC
  22. 406 structure fire
    Responding companies not on the initial response shall make radio contact with the IC for instructions before?
    arriving at the scene.
  23. 406 structure fire
    Should radio communication fail, the Company Officer shall do what?
    • leave his/her apparatus in the Staging Area and approach the IC for instructions.
    • The crew shall stand-by with the apparatus
  24. 406 structure fire
    In order to standardize communication at a fire scene, the building involved will have ?
    reference points assigned to it.
  25. 406 structure fire
    The purpose of this reference system is to?
    clarify radio transmissions on the fireground.
  26. 406 structure fire
    An aggressive, properly performed interior fire attack increases the chances of (2)
    saving lives and property.
  27. 406 structure fire
    Personnel operating in hazardous areas shall:
    • • Operate in teams of two or more
    • • Be in communication by any means available
  28. 406 structure fire
    If a JFRD engine or ladder responds to a structure fire with less than three firefighters on board, the Company Officer shall notify whom?
    notify FRCC.
  29. 406 structure fire
    Situations may arise in which personnel must consider entering a structure, even though there are not yet four firefighters on-scene.
    This should only be considered in?
    an imminent, life-threatening situation when immediate action may prevent a serious injury or loss of life.
  30. 406 structure fire
    Primary Search (4)
    • •...conducted in all involved and exposed occupancies that can be entered
    • •.. should quickly search all affected areas and verify the removal of, or safety of all occupants
    • Fireground operations must be structured around the completion of the Primary Search
    • • The incident is considered to be in a rescue mode until an “All Clear” is given
  31. 406 structure fire
    Secondary Search
    • • This is done following initial fire control operations, to absolutely confirm the presence or absence of victims
    • • This is done by companies that were not involved in the Primary Search
  32. 406 structure fire
    A critical Command decision (both initial and ongoing) relates to the
    offensive/defensive strategies of the situation.
  33. 406
    Offensive Strategy (Interior Attack)
    • Directed at quickly bringing the fire under control
  34. 406
    • Offensive Strategy should be abandoned when:
    • The extent of the fire prohibits effective suppression OR
    • The structure becomes unsafe
  35. 406
    Defensive Strategy (Exterior Attack)
    • Directed at protecting exposures, stopping the forward progress, and bringing the fire under control
  36. 406
    It is the IC’s responsibility to provide for ? (2)
    • life safety;
    • to continually determine if the involved building is tenable for interior operations.
  37. 406
    To protect personnel working on-scene, a structured method
    of evacuation must be utilized
  38. 406
    Both of the following shall signal evacuation orders:
    • • An order given over the radio (Evacuate!)
    • • Repetitive blasts of the apparatus air horns
  39. 406
    Upon hearing either of these signals, Company Officers
    • shall assemble their crews and promptly exit to a safe location.
    • account for all crewmembers and then be prepared for a Roll Call
  40. 406
    When is evacuation process complete?
    When all affected crews and crewmembers are accounted for, the evacuation process is complete.
  41. 406
    Evacuation generally involves a shift from an ?
    Offensive to a Defensive Strategy.
  42. 406
    What has to been made prior to the application of heavy appliances?
    It is extremely important that everyone get the word that a strategic shift has been made
  43. 406
    Sectors may be assigned to oversee a geographic area of the incident, or ?
    may be assigned to oversee specific tasks within the operation
  44. 406
    Specific task oriented sectors are more likely to be established at what kind of incident?
    large incidents.
  45. 406
    Search and Rescue Sector does? (3)
    • Determines areas to search
    • Coordinates Primary and Secondary Searches 
    • If victims are found, advises the IC of their ability to bring them out, or if additional personnel will be needed
  46. 406
    Attack Sector does? (4)
    • Determines location and extent of fire, as well as areas of extension
    • Selects appropriate attack lines (1¾”, 2½”, etc.)
    • Deploys attack lines to necessary locations
    • Calls for additional lines, if needed
  47. 406
    Water Supply Sector does? (3)
    • Locates and evaluates water sources
    • Ensures that pumpers are operating and being operated properly
    • Organizes tanker shuttle evolutions
  48. 406
    Ventilation Sector does?
    • Locates and evaluates existing exterior openings (doors, windows, skylights, etc.) and
    • determines need to create new openings
    • Determines type of ventilation (vertical/horizontal,natural/mechanical, etc.)
  49. 406
    Air Supply Sector does?
    • Ensures adequate air supply for working personnel 
    • Fills empty air bottles 
    • Distributes full bottles to necessary areas 
    • Requests additional air units and compressors if needed
  50. 407 high rise
    A high-rise is any building which is ?
    4 floors or greater, regardless of the location of the fire.
  51. 407 high rise
    What shall be the primary concern of the Incident Commander?
    • Life safety of building occupants and JFRD personnel shall be the primary concern
    • of the Incident Commander
  52. 407 High rise
    Incident Priorities / Command Considerations (18)
    • • Establish/Assume Command
    • • Consider additional alarms
    • • Provide for life safety (search and rescue)
    • • Assign sectors (maintain normal unit radio designations)
    • • Attack fire and protect exposures
    • • Assure Accountability System
    • • Assign RIT
    • • Provide for ventilation and control of HVAC
    • • Provide for water supply
    • • Consider Evacuation
    • • Lobby/Key control
    • • Air supply (consider requesting additional air units if needed)
    • • Staging (Interior and Exterior)
    • • Rehabilitation
    • • Building systems (internal communication, alarm panels, etc.)
    • • Additional resources (law enforcement, JEA, etc.)
    • • Conserve property (salvage)
    • • Establish and enforce Incident Safety Perimeter
  53. 407
    The location of the Command Post will be determined by the IC. Possible
    Command locations include the following: (3)
    • • Outside the structure (in the Command Van, if on scene)
    • • In or near the building systems control area
    • • In the Lobby
  54. 407
    Sector Officers will maintain accurate ?
    tracking and close supervision of crews assigned to them.
  55. 407
    What will IC do to ensure a more manageable span-of-control and provide effective Command
    structure and fireground organization?
    Command may assign sectors
  56. 407
    The IC will be responsible for including what as a major element in strategy and attack planning?
    Accountability per SOG 404 (Personnel Accountability)
  57. 407
    Lobby Control – A Lobby Control Sector will be established to oversee?
    This sector may require?
    • this critical area of the structure.
    • multiple units for effective control.
  58. 407
    Additional Resources (Non-Fire Department)
    Each additional resource will require a
    • Liaison Officer.
    • These positions may be combined with like positions.
  59. 407
    In order for elevators to be used, all three of the following conditions must be met:
    • • Positive key control of the elevators is established
    • • Information indicates that elevators are safe to use
    • • Hoistway is clear of smoke and fire
  60. 407
    The elevators shall be taken no higher than
    two floors below the fire floor
  61. 407
    If the elevators are used for the initial ascent, the initial attack crew will stop every
    five floors to recheck the hoistway.
  62. 407
    Communication by portable radio within a high-rise may be difficult at times.
    It may be necessary to use secondary means of communication such as the below:
    • • In-house fire phones
    • • Intercoms and other in-house systems
    • • Other phones within the building
    • • Cellular phones
  63. 407
    Companies entering the building will bring
    (not required for initial Attack Team companies),
    • 1 spare air bottle per person
    • plus equipment (with appropriate apparatus)
  64. 407 high rise
    Engine Companies/equipment to carry
    • 150 feet of 1 ¾ inch hose, nozzle,
    • the High-Rise Bag this contains:
    • • 6 feet of 2½ inch hose
    • • 2½ inch to 1½ inch gated wye
    • • Spanner wrench
    • • Pipe wrench (14 inch minimum)
    • • Marking device
  65. 407 high rise
    Ladder Companies carry what equipment in?(7)
    • Combination ladder,
    • 6 feet ek hook,
    • 200 feet hoisting rope,
    • set of irons (flathead axe and halligan married),
    • Thermal Imaging Camera,
    • Hydra-Ram
  66. 407
    Rescue Units will bring what equipment? (5)
    • Jump bag,
    • cardiac monitor and
    • drugs,
    • oxygen,
    • stretcher
  67. 407
    Floor Priorities
    • Fire Floor (4)
    • 􀂃 Search and rescue
    • 􀂃 Confinement
    • 􀂃 Extinguishment
    • 􀂃 Ventilation
  68. 407 floor priorties
    Floor Above – Check for:
    • 􀂃 Extention
    • 􀂃 Need for evacuation
    • 􀂃 Need for ventilation
  69. 407 floor priorties
    Floor Below – Check for:
    • 􀂃 Extension
    • 􀂃 Need for salvage
  70. 407 floor priorties
    All Floors – Report your:
    • 􀂃 Floor
    • 􀂃 Conditions
    • 􀂃 Evacuation situation
    • 􀂃 Need for ventilation
  71. 407
    who will establish the Initial Attack Team?
    • The first-arriving Engine Company and first-arriving Ladder Company will establish
    • the Initial Attack Team.
  72. 407
    The Attack Team officer will evaluate the area?Why?
    This information will be relayed to Command
    • 2 floors below the reported fire floor
    • its use as a staging area and to determine the overall layout of the floors above.
  73. 407
    How will attack team ascend the final 2 floors to the fire floor?
    The Attack Team will use the stairs to ascend the final 2 floors to the fire floor and will report the situation
  74. 407
    There may be times when evacuation/rescue will take priority over fire attack; however, more lives will usually be saved by an ?
    aggressive attack on the fire.
  75. 407
    To ensure uninterrupted hoseline operation each hose crew needs a ?
    • relief crew
    • Plan for intervals between relief to be no longer than 25 minutes.
  76. 407
    to ensure timely relief.
    Call for resources before you need them
  77. 407
    Coordinate with whom regarding existing evacuation plans?
    building management
  78. 407
    Ensure what for evacuation of occupants?
    that a designated stairway be kept free of smoke to allow for evacuation of occupants.
  79. 407
    The search order shall be as follows:
    • 1. Fire floor(s)
    • 2. Floor above
    • 3. Top floor
    • 4. Work down from top floor
  80. 407
    Companies supplying standpipe/sprinkler systems should locate
    • all connections on the building and
    • determine if the systems are interconnected.
  81. 407
    If water supply to Attack Teams is insufficient, consider utilizing ?
    interior outlets to supply additional volume/pressure.
  82. 407
    The Engineer supplying the standpipe/sprinkler system must consider taking action to protect
    supply lines from falling debris with salvage covers or other means available.
  83. 407
    What will be the primary area from which companies will enter the structure and begin their ascent to Interior Staging and the fire floor?
    The lobby will
  84. 407
    Where is the critical area in the management of building systems.
    The lobby
  85. 407
    evacuation stairwell should be
    open at the roof.
  86. 407
    attack stairwell should be open
    at the fire floor only
  87. 407
    If smoke or fire are present, what kind of ventilation should be applied and where?
    positive pressure ventilation should be applied to pressurize the stairwells.
  88. 407
    what unit may be used to address air supply needs?
    Air 5 and Air 2

    Additional trailered compressors may also be requested.
  89. 407
    what should be considered for air units?
    Consider a remote filling station from air units.
  90. 407
    How many ft of hose due Air 5 and 2 have each?
    • Air 5 – 600 ft hose
    • Air 2 – 200 ft hose
  91. 407
    2nd Engine ?
    • 1. Stand by the hydrant and be prepared to supply the standpipe/sprinkler system
    • 2. At the first report of smoke or fire by on-scene personnel and upon the
    • approval of the IC, lie out and begin supplying the standpipe/sprinkler
    • system. Supply the standpipe first.
    • 3. Verify water supply with Attack Teams.
    • 4. The Company Officer will report to the IC when his/her crew is
    • available for other duties.
  92. 407
    3rd Engine
    • 1. Report to the lobby with all high-rise equipment.
    • 2. May be used to form a second Attack Team.
  93. 407
    The Exterior Staging Area should be established
    two blocks away from the structure
  94. 407
    Interior Staging Sector should be established
    two floors below the fire floor.
  95. 407
    If use of elevators is not practical or
    possible, this may be accomplished by using personnel to carry the equipment up to the area where it is needed.
    how can equipment be effectively shuttled?
    a firefighter should be placed every two floors.
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