MANT221 (2)

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  1. What does communication mean?
    Communication is a systematic process in which individuals interact with and through symbos to create and interpret meanings
  2. What does language mean?
    Language is a system for expressing or communicating thought. There are 3 branches of linguisitics: Phonology, syntax and meaning
  3. What does superordinate mean?
    An overarching term which embraces all the words in a category. eg. jewelery
  4. What does hyponyms mean?
    Word that can be included in the categories eg. Rings, earrings, braclets
  5. What does homonyms mean?
    Words with more than one meaning eg. the pitch is all wrong
  6. What does similies mean?
    Ways of comparing one thing to another eg. as / like
  7. What does metaphors mean?
    Ways to make comparisons between attributes of one thing/ person and something else
  8. Name ten ways to make your writing easy to read
    • Use common words
    • Avoid jargon
    • Use active verbs
    • Use verbs not nouns
    • Tighten writing
    • Vary sentence length and structure
    • Use parrellel form
    • Put readers in your sentence
    • Begin paragraphs with topic sentence
    • Use transitions to link ideas
  9. What are the 4 basic composing activities?
    • Plan
    • Write
    • Revise
    • Edit
  10. When organising problem solving messages what should you do?
    • Find Common ground, create interest
    • Define problem
    • Explain the solution
    • Show advantages outway negatives
    • Add additional benefits
    • Ask for the action you want
  11. Describe the report layout
    • Introduction:
    • Problem
    • Scope
    • Purpose
    • Limitations

    • Body:
    • Explaination
    • Results
    • Analysis
    • Methods

    • Conclusion:
    • Conlusion
    • Recommendations
    • Schedules
    • Responsibilites
  12. Describe a formal proposal layout
    • Introduction:
    • Problem
    • Scope
    • Solution
    • Organisation

    • Body:
    • Approach
    • Work plan
    • Costs

    • Conclusion:
    • Key points
    • Benefits
    • Qualifications
    • Desisions
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