Jquery 1 (through effects)

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  1. What are tag jquery tags contained in?
    <script type=”text/javascript”>
  2. What does every jquery start off with?
  3. All jquery objects are contained in what container and why?
    • $(document).ready(function(){
    • // jQuery functions go here...
    • });

    to prevent any jQuery code from running before the document is finished loading
  4. line that looks for a tag and hides it
  5. line that looks for id or a class and hides it
    • $("#tag_name").hide()
    • $(".tag_name").hide()
  6. What does jquery use to select itesm with certain attributes?
  7. Look for 3 item that have
    1.the type "bob" and
    2. for ones that don't have "bob"
    3. ones that end in bob
    • #("[href='bob']")
    • #("[href!='bob']") doesn't
    • #("[href='.bob']") ends with
  8. Change the CSS of an div to green text
  9. How do you make jquery use something other than the $ to start?
    • var jq=jQuery.noConflict();
    • Where jq is the the alternative to $
  10. Place the p tags in different events:
    1. Click
    2. double click
    3. focus
    4. Rollover
    • $("p).click()
    • $("p).dblclick()
    • $("p).focus
    • $("p).mouseover()
  11. Functions to make P appear or disapear? What is the shortcut that does both?
    • $("p).hide()
    • $("p).show()
    • $("p).toggle()
  12. What makes things expand up, expand down, or do both. What are the parameters you can set for each?
    • $("p).slideUp(speed,callback)
    • $("p).slideDown()
    • $("p).slideToggle()

    • speed is "slow" "fast" "normal" or in milliseconds
    • callback is a function that is to be called after the current on is complete.
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