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  1. What is the definition of impromtu speaking?
    Impromptu speaking is a speech that involves an 8 minute speech , and or prepared on the spot
  2. Why do we need public speaking skills?
    To inform, persuade, bring goodwill
  3. What are the three 'P's of oral presentations?
    • Preperation
    • Practice
    • Presentation
  4. Successful speakers:
    • Thoroughly prepare
    • Involve their audience
    • Use quotes etc creatively
    • Often use humour
    • Move around
  5. What are the differences between public speaking and conversation?
    • Public speaking:
    • More highly stuctured
    • Requires planning and development
    • Often a specific time limit
    • The speaker does not have the advantage of being able to respond individually to listeners
    • A speakers voice must be adjusted in volume and projection
    • Posture is more correct
    • Distracting mannerisms and verbal habits are avoided

    • Conversation:
    • Requires more formal lanugage
    • Slang, jargon lower the credibility of the speaker even in informal situations
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