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  1. Process of identifing the author
  2. protection that occurs while information is being transmitted
  3. The traditional method used in the collection and storage of medical information is _____________
    paper-based records
  4. A healthcare clearinghouse company performs what type of function?
  5. What is a covered entity?
    a health care provider, plan, or clearinghouse
  6. Authentication controls encrypting and decrypting data are examples of what?
  7. what rule procides standards for the elctronic protected health information?
    HIPPA security rule
  8. Whistle-blower protections are known as
    Qui Tam statute
  9. This is a standard that provides a means to exchange (communicate) patient information
    data exchange standard
  10. An individual's right to control his or her personal information, with the understanding that the info will not be disseminated without his or her permission is called
  11. this is defined as the ability of systems to work together through common standards
  12. a wireless device that allows the clinician to enter or input data at the point of care such as a pocket size computer used to document appointments, notes, and other info is commonly referred to as ________
    Persnoal data assistants (PDA)
  13. A principle of the HIPPA pricacy rule that allows access to protected health info based on the user's role or job requirement is called
    technical safeguards
  14. Improper or harmful conduct by a health care business in its fiscal or ethical practices is called?
  15. tools that offer assistance when clinicians make complex decisions
    decision support
  16. demographic, medical #, phys name and address are examples of what type of data?
  17. The acronym used in the HIPPA security rule for protected health information in the electronic format
    EPHI electronic protected health information
  18. Data elements such as temp, pluse, an drespiration would be chartes as what type of data?
  19. what is EHR
    Electronic Health Record
  20. Federal law that prohibits fraudulent claims to the government
    false claims act
  21. Standardized form that has a predesigned format and a limited selection of choices
  22. A practice that allows or permits only authorized individuals to access medical records
  23. what is computerized physician order entry
  24. Alert
  25. The electronic medical record differs from paper based record by including
    links to medical knowledge, alerts and reminders, decision support
  26. Software applications commonly interfaces with EHR
  27. The _______published 2 major reports that outlined the functionality of the computerized pt record
    institute of medicine
  28. a drug interaction alert would be a typical funtion of a _________________
    clinical decision support system
  29. Health care organization, administrators, and clinicans want to be assured the EHR will __________________
    improve the quality of care
  30. Legislation which makes it a criminal offense to accept bribes or payment for services
    Anit-Kickback Statute
  31. Advantages of the EHR
    • security
    • multiple users
    • decision support
  32. One of the major challenges in developing a computer-based pt record is
  33. Which of the following is the primary professional association working towards the advancement of the electronic health record?
    a. american health information management association
    b. institute of medicine
    c. american medical informatics association
    d. all of the above
    D. all of the above
  34. Federal mandates to protect pt information are incorporated into the _____________________
    HIPPA act of 1996
  35. transactiosn standards for electronic data interchange in health care have been developed by ____________
  36. the most common type of health information is
    clinical data
  37. practice has the potential for fraud and abuse in the electronic enviroment by doing what?
    • cutting and pasting info
    • borrowing info from other pts records
    • copying info from another entry in same record
  38. disadvantage of EHR
    cost and training
  39. an industry standard that expalins what should, shall, an dmust be included in the EHR is call a __________ standard
    functional model
  40. under the security rule, phys practices that transmit electronic data, must provide what?
    • risk analysis
    • backup procedure for data
    • security plan
  41. hippa established national standards that address what?
    confidentiality, privacy, security
  42. when a medical assistant requests the record of a pt for whom he or she did not provide care or treatment, the medical assistant has violated HIPPA's ____________
    need to know principle
  43. ___________is best demonstrated when data elements and info are collected by one system and shared with another
  44. tracking an appointment is considered ___________ use of the EHR
  45. Bridge to the EHR
    stored both on paper and electronic media
  46. what is the major differences between privacy and security rules?
    the security rule covers only electroinic PHI while privacy covers oral, written or electronic PHI
  47. __________ is defined as intentional acts, deception or misrepresentation of billing info to gain insurance benefits
  48. sagety requirements such as fire alarms, extinguishers, smoke detectors and equipment are referred to as _________ safeguards
  49. SOAP notes are considered __________data
  50. Who is your favorite ambassador
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