Test 4

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  1. Three types of blood vessels
    • Arteries
    • Veins
    • Capillaries
  2. Lumen
    Space within a blood vessel through which the blood flows
  3. Veins
    carry blood to the heart
  4. Arteries
    Carry blood away from the heart
  5. Aorta
    Largest artery located in the heart
  6. Radial
    artery located near the thumb side of the wrist
  7. Carotid
    artery located near the side of the neck
  8. brachial
    artery located in the antecubital space
  9. femoral
    Artery in the groin area
  10. Pulmonary
    only artery that does not carry oxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs
  11. Temparol
    artery in the forehead
  12. what are the 7 major arteries
    • aorta
    • radial
    • carotid
    • brachial
    • femoral
    • pulmonary
    • temparol
  13. fore-
    before, in front
  14. haplo-
    single, simple
  15. hemi-
  16. hetero-
  17. homo-
  18. homeo-
  19. hydro-
  20. hyper-
  21. hypo-
  22. idio-
    distinct, peculiar to an individual
  23. infra-, sub-
  24. inter-
  25. intra-
  26. iso-
  27. macro-
  28. mal-
    bad, ill
  29. medi-
  30. mega-
  31. meta-
  32. micro-
  33. Why do veins have valves
    keep blood flowing in one direction
  34. The veins of choice for venipuncture in order
    • median
    • cephalic
    • basilic
  35. What is the basilic vein close to?
    • brachial artery
    • median nerves
  36. What is the partition that divides the heart into right and left halves
  37. What is the upper chamber of the heart called
  38. What is the lower chamber of the heart called
  39. What is the longest vein and were is it located?
    great saphenous vein located in the leg
  40. What are the two largest veins?
    superior and inferior vena cava, and great saphenous
  41. What is the only vein that caries oxygenated blood
    Pulmonary vein
  42. name 3 formed elements of blood
    • erythrocytes-red blood cells
    • leukocytes-white blood cells
    • thrombocytes-platelets
  43. What is the average adults blood volume
    5 to 6 liters
  44. What is the approximate diameter of a erythrocytes
    7.2 microns
  45. What is the approximate erythrocytes per microliter of blood
    4.5 to 6.0 million
  46. What is the normal life span of erythrocytes
    120 days
  47. What is the approximate leukocytes per microliter of blood
    4,500 to 11,000 anything over is a sign of infection
  48. 5 normal types of leukocytes
    • neutrophils
    • lymphocytes
    • monocytes
    • eosinophils
    • basophils
    • remember :(3 phils 2 cytes)
  49. What do neutrophils do?
    provide protection against infection through phagocytosis
  50. What do lymphocytes do?
    provide the body with immune capabilities
  51. What are monocytes?
    largest circulating leukocytes
  52. What do eosinophils do?
    detoxify foreign proteins and increase in allergies
  53. What do basophils do?
    release histamine in the inflammation process
  54. What is the life span of platelets?
    9 to 12 days
  55. what is the average number of platelets per microliter of blood?
    140,000 and 440,000
  56. Hemostasis
    process of forming a blood clot
  57. 4 disorders of blood vessels
    • arteriosclerosis-hardening of artery walls (stroke)
    • atherosclerosis-stimulate clot formation
    • phlebitis-inflammation of the vein
    • Varicose veins-swollen veins with damaged valves
  58. 2 disorders of the blood
    • Anemia- a decrease in the number of erythrocytes or hemoglobin
    • leukemia-increase in white blood cells in bone marroe and blood
  59. pericardium-
    sack that surrounds the heart and holds it in place to protect
  60. 3 layers of the heart
    • outer-epicardium
    • muscle-myocardium
    • inner-endocardium
  61. What does myo mean?
  62. What happens in capularies?
    exchange gases and a mixture of venus and arterial blood
  63. List the 13 steps to heart circulation in order
    • Superior/inferior vena cava
    • right atrium
    • tricuspid valve
    • right ventricle
    • pulmonary semilunar valve
    • right/ left pulmonary arteries
    • lungs
    • right/ left pulmonary veins
    • left atrium
    • biscuspid
    • left ventricle
    • aortic semilunar valve
    • aorta-body
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