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  1. Pronator Teres
    • O- medial epicondyle and coronoid process
    • I- lateral aspect of radius
    • F- assist with pronation during rapid mvmt or againist resistance
    • N- medican nerve
  2. Flexor Carpi Radialis
    • O- medial epicondyle
    • I- base of 2nd metacarpal
    • F- flex and abd wrist
    • N- median nerve
  3. Palmaris Longus
    • not always present
    • O- medial epicondyle
    • I- flexor retinaculum and palmar aponeurosis
    • F- tense palmar fascia weak wrist flexor
    • N- median nerve
  4. Flexor Ulnaris
    • O- medial epicondyle, posterior border of ulna, olecranon of ulna
    • I- base of 5th metacarpal, hook of hamate and pisiform as sesamoid bone
    • F- flex and add wrist
    • N- ulnar
  5. Flexor Digitorum Superficialis
    • O- medial epicondyle, ulnar, ulnar collateral ligament, ant border of radius
    • I- middle phalanx of 2-5 (3,4 superficial 5,6 deep)
    • F- flex wrist if fingers ext, flex PIP jt MP jt
    • N-median
  6. Flexor Digitorum Profundus
    • O- posterior border of ulna, 2/3 of ulna, IM
    • I- distal phalanx of 2-5
    • F- flex wrist if fingers ext, flex DIP, PIP, MP
    • N- 2,3 AIN 3,4 ulna
  7. Flexor Pollicus Longus
    • O- radius and IM
    • I- base of distal phalanx of the thumb
    • F- flex IP, MP, CM joint of thumb
    • N- AIN
  8. Pronator Quadratus
    • O- distal 1/4 of ulna
    • I- distal 1/4 of radius
    • F- pronate the forearm
    • N- AIN
  9. Brachioradialis
    • O- upper 2/3 lateral supracondlyar ridge
    • I- radial styloid process
    • F- flex elbow in semi-prone position
    • N- radial
  10. Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus
    • O- lower 1/3 supracondlyar ridge
    • I- base of 2nd metacarpal
    • F- ext and abd wrist
    • N- radial
  11. Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis
    • O- lateral epicondyle
    • I- base of 3rd metacarpal
    • F- ext and abd wrist
    • N- radial
  12. Extensor Digitorum
    • O- lateral epicondyle
    • I- tendons to the second to fifth digits, they are joined together by tendinous interconnections (extensor expansion)
    • F- ext digits ext wrist with finger flexed
    • N- PIN
  13. Extensor Carpi Ulnaris
    • O- lateral epicondyle and proximal ulna
    • I- fifth metacarpal
    • F- ext and add wrist
    • N- PIN
  14. Extensor Digiti Minimi
    • O- lateral epicondyle
    • I- help form the extensor expansion over the fifth digit
    • F- independent ext of 5th digit
    • N- PIN
  15. Supinator
    • O- lateral epicondyle of humerus, lateral ligaments and ulna
    • I- upper radius
    • F- supination of the forearm
    • N- PIN
  16. Abductor Pollicus Longus
    • O- radius, ulna, interosseus membrane
    • I- base of the thumb
    • F- abduct the thumb, extend thumb at CM joint, abduct wrist
    • N- PIN
  17. Extensor Pollicus Brevis
    • O- radius and interosseus membrane
    • I- base of the PIP joint of the thumb
    • F- extend PIP join of thumb and wrist extension
    • N- PIN
  18. Extensor Pollicus Longus
    • O- ulna and interosseus membrane
    • I- base of the DIP joint of the thumb
    • F- extend the thumb assist in wrist extension and abduction
    • N- PIN
  19. Extensor Indicis
    • O- ulna and interosseus membrane
    • I- medial side of extensor digitorium
    • F- extend the index finger
    • N- PIN
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