English Vocab 10

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  1. acumen
    keeness of insight; quickness or acuracy

    s perspicacity, schrewdness, acuity
  2. adjudicate
    to act as a judge in a matter, to settle through the use of a judge or legal tribunal

    s arbitrate, referee, mediate
  3. anachronism
    chronological misplacing of events objects customs or persons in regard to each other

    s chronoligical error
  4. apocryphal
    of doubtful or quesiotnable authenticity
  5. disparity
    a difference or inequality in age rank inlikeness

    • s discrepancy, incongruity
    • a similarity, likeness, congruity
  6. dissimulate
    • to hide or disguise ones true thoughts
    • s dissemble, pretend, misrepresent
    • a reveal
  7. empirical
    derived from dependant upon

    • s observed experiental, pragmatic
    • a theoretical, hypothetical, conjectural
  8. flamboyant
    highly elaborate or ornate, vividly colored, trikingly brilliant or bold

    • s showy, ostentatious, florid
    • a staid, sedate, decorous, seemly, sober
  9. fulsome
    offensively insincere or excessive, disgusting

    • s inordinate, repulsive
    • a understand, musted restrained, agreeable
  10. immolate
    to kill as a sacrifice, especially by fire, to destroy or renounce for the sake of another

    • s kill slay
    • a save rescue, preserve
  11. imperceptible
    extremely slight, incapable o fbeing percieved by the senses or the mind

    • s minimal, undetectable
    • a conspicuous, noticable, flagrant
  12. lackey
    a uniformed male servant

    s footman, toady, hanger-on
  13. liaison
    the contact or means of communication

    s intermediary, channel
  14. monolithic
    characterized by massiveness, solidness, and total uniformity

    undiffentiated, massive, dense
  15. mot juste
    the most suitable or exact word

    • right word
    • misudage
  16. patrician
    a member of the ruling class, noble status,

    • aristocrat, peer noble,
    • peasant, commoner
  17. propitiate
    to make someone or something favorably inclined toward oneself, satisfy, appease

    • placate, molify
    • estrange, alienate
  18. sic
    thus so, intentionally written so
  19. sublimate
    ot redirect the energy of a biological or instincual impilse into a higher or more acceptable channel

    s rechannel, elevate
  20. nihilism
    total rejection of existing laws

    a conservatism
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