Fire I & II (3)

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  1. What type of SCBA is most commonly used in the fire service
  2. A cutting torch has a flame temp in excess of
    5,000 F
  3. _________ glass is also known as safety glass
  4. When an extension ladder can be raised more than ________ feet, it must be equiped with staypoles.
    40 feet
  5. What method is performed with 2 firefighters and used for breaking tight couplings without the use of a spanner wrench
  6. What are the important factors in the fire safety equation
    • Attitude
    • Training
    • Fitness/health
  7. The part of the rope used for work such as hoisting or pulling
    Running end
  8. How should a pike pole be hoisted
    Point up
  9. Alerting systems for staffed fire stations consist of
    • Vocal alarm
    • Computerized line printer
    • Radio with alert tone
  10. Toxic substances found in smoke
    • Carbon monoxide
    • Carbon dioxide
    • Tar
  11. A structural helemt face shield can provide primary eye protection: True / False
  12. When assigned to raise a ladder to a second story roof, a fire fighter should choose a _______ foot ladder
    28 - 35
  13. What is the purpose of a sensor label on fire dept ladders
    Heat sensitive labels alert FFthat ladder has been exposed to damaging heat levels
  14. When an extension ladder can be raised more than ______ feet, it must be equiped with staypoles
    40 feet
  15. Fire stream types are generally classified as
    Solid and fog
  16. IDLH
    Immediatley Dangerous to Life or Health
  17. When loading hose and has a short fold or a reverse fold with a coupling at the point where a fold should occur
    A Dutchman
  18. When the colder of two bodies in contact absorbs heat until both objects are the same temperature, _________ has taken place
    Heat transfer
  19. The movement of heat through a steel beam to an unexposed part of a building where it starts another fire is an example of
  20. The fire stage that occurs when all combustible materials in the compartment are involved in the fire
    Fully - developed
  21. Any organic compound that contains only carbon and hydrogen
  22. The ability of a material to sustain combustion
  23. The type of heat transfer that is a major contributor to flashover
  24. The weight of the building materials and any part of the building permanently attached or built in is a
    Dead load
  25. Concrete has excellent ___________ strength when it cures
  26. Hidden fires in concealed spaces can often be detected by
    feeling with the back of hand
  27. During overhaul, if a fire fighters have a concern about a void space concealing a "hot spot" they should
    Open the void space immediately
  28. What is placed on the floor to hold small amounts of water
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