Exam 4

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  1. Mechano receptor
    mechanical stimuli-stretch, bending
  2. Thermoreceptors
  3. Nociceptors
  4. Pacinian Corpuscles
    look like onions, large receptive field, fast responding, 20-20 layers
  5. Ruffini's endings
    large receptive fields, slow adapting
  6. Meissner's corpuscles
    small receptive fields, fast responding, rapid adaptation
  7. Merkel's discs
    small receptive fields, slow adapting
  8. Axons bringing information from the somatic sensory receptors to the spinal cord or brain stem are the
    Primary afferent axons
  9. Different sizes of primary afferent axons from skin
    • Aalpha
    • ABeta
    • Ao
    • C
  10. Sizes of primary afferent axons from the muscles
    • Group:
    • I, II, III, IV
  11. Group I PAA is the largest?
  12. Which is the smallest PAA?
  13. The fastest PAA is the one that is the smallest?
  14. Why are larger PAA faster?
    More mylenated thicker axon = faster conduction
  15. Touch sensation pathway for body
    dorsal column medial leminscal
  16. Touch sensation pathway for face
    trigeminal touch pathway
  17. what is the first thing stimulated in touch sensation pathways?
    mechanoreceptors in the skin
  18. What PAA are in the body pathway?
    mostly Abeta-fast conductin
  19. Where does the body pathway enter the spinal cord?
    through the dorsal horn, bifurcation at zone of lissar
  20. Where on the body pathway does the axon connect in the spinal cord?
    on the reflexive motor pathway within substantia gelatinosa
  21. Body: what happens in the Dorsal Column of Medial lemniscus?
    ascent of afferent fibers --> synapse on secondary neurons (NG, NC)--> cross at level of sensory decussation, ascend throuch medial lemniscus to VB of thalamus.
  22. Body: path in thalamus
    VB recieves sensory input and relays it to cortex
  23. Body: where is the somatosensory cortex
    in the post central gyrus, layer 4 of area 1
  24. Face pathway's sensory receptors are
    mechanoreceptors in skin
  25. What kind of PAA is in the face pathway?
    Trigeminal nerve- Abeta type- fast conductin from three regions in the face.
  26. What are the three regions in the face that conduct sensory input?
    opthalalmic, maxillary, or mandibular branches
  27. Where are the cell bodies for the PAA for the face located?
    in the trigeminal ganglion
  28. Face: what happens in the trigeminal nucleus?
    primary neurons synapse
  29. What is the trigeminal nucleus' function similar to?
    the dorsal nuclei of the spinal cord
  30. Face: T/F- The secondary neurons decussate and synapse on the VB of the thalamus.
  31. Face: what happens in the Thalamus?
    Recieves info from principle sensory nuclei of V relays info to the lower portion of the post central gyrus.
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