Chemistry: 2 essays and pamphlet info

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  1. PAMPHLET: what are the six bullets for stoich about?
    • 1) stoichiometry is super important
    • 2) stoich is used by companies
    • 3) stoich helps enviornment
    • 4) stoich saves $
    • 5) stoichmakes products work
    • 6) ideas of stoich are like cooking
  2. PAMPHLET: explain how hot air balloons work, and Charles' Law (5 bullets)
    • hot air balloons based on Charles' Law
    • Charles' Law says as temp goes up, volume goes up
    • for balloons to rise,density of balloon must be less than density of outside air
    • density formula, if you increase volume, density lowers
    • heat up balloon and it rises!
  3. PAMPHLET: explain how fireworks work (4 bullets)
    • color of fireworks is because of chem
    • atoms go from excited state to ground state, they emit energy in the form of light
    • heat causes particles to move to excited state, like the heat in fireworks, and atoms' desire for stability bring it back down to the ground state
    • each element releases different color, like humans have different fingerprints
  4. PAMPHLET: Explain the importance of the atom (3 bullets)
    • atoms make up everything in our world
    • boiling water relies on them
    • without atom and our knowledge of them, no other chem would be possible
  5. ATOMS: explain how atoms fit into states of matter.
    this unit exlpained what atoms looked like at atomic level
  6. ATOMS: explain solids, liquids and gases at the particle level, (five different things for each).
    • solids: close together, move slowly, strong bonds, definite shape, definite volume
    • liquids: farther apart, move a little faster, weaker bonds, varied shape, definite volume
    • gases: far apart, move fasr, weak bonds, varied shape, varied volume
  7. ATOMS: explain how atoms relate to patterns on the periodic table. (2 bullets)
    • basic patterns is about atomic size
    • explain this pattern across periods and down groups
  8. ATOMS: eplain how atoms are connected to moles, stoich and balancing equations. (5 bullets)
    • stoich is important becasue it is how you can find the number of atoms of something
    • stoich is impossible w/o moles
    • conversion factors come down to moles
    • explain balancing equations and Law of Conservation of Mass
    • through all three atoms can be counted
  9. MODELS: What is a model for atomic structure? How is it useful? What are its limitations?
    • current model of the atom
    • helps scientists understand atomic theory since atoms are too small to look at
    • cannot properly show that electrons could be in a certain spot at any moment through drawing- electron cloud used instead
  10. MODELS: What is a model for chemical bonding? Use? Limitations?
    • 2D drawings of molecular compounds
    • help to show bond between atoms and their reaction to get stability
    • electrons really want to get as far away from eachother as possible, (VSEPR). cant be shown in a 2D drawing
  11. MODELS: What is a model for States of Matter? Use? Limitations?
    • class activity where students were atoms in different states
    • helped students understand states of matter and see states at particle level
    • students couldnt remove all space between them like in solids, or constantly move
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