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  1. Founders' Gates,
    stone, Ralph Fishbourne, 1933

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    • Two large stone gates inscribed with Hawaiian and English verses are at the intersection of Dole Street and University Avenue.
    • The Diamond Head-side gate stands for the University's School of Education.
    • The Ewa-side gate stood for the Territorial Normal and Training School.
    • These gates symbolize the 1931 merging of the two institutions to form the University's Teachers College (now the College of Education).
    • The gates once had more of a visual impact when University Avenue was only two lanes wide.
    • After a lane-widening project, adding two more lanes, the gates were moved to their current locations.
  2. (Bachman Hall)
    The Relation of Man and Nature in Old Hawaii, fresco, Jean Charlot, 1949.

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    • In the Bachman hall lobby, the frescoes each cover an entire wall for two stories.
    • In Relation, the subject matter is a feast in ancient Hawai‘i.
    • In the background, is Captain Cook's ship approaching.
    • Commencement is the lei presentation to graduates in an Andrews Outdoor Theatre commencement.
  3. Wa
    ceramic, Wayne A. Miyata, 1982.

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    This sculpture embodies the Japanese concept wa, which loosely translates to "harmony," but also denotes "wholeness," and "completeness."
  4. Andrews Outdoor Theatre
    (Andrews Amphitheatre)
    • Known more by its popular, but erroneous, name of Andrews Amphitheatre.
    • Created in 1935, the stone for the theater was quarried from the old Mo‘ili‘ili Quarry (now the University's Lower Campus).
    • The theater can seat 3,500, with an additional 1,500 if the field is used.
    • This theater was the sight of graduations for the University until high enrollments made that
    • impractical.
    • Summer Sessions, with its smaller graduating classes, held commencement exercises in the theater well into the 1970s.
  5. (Krauss Hall)
    Water garden
    Richard C. Tongg and Lorraine Kuck, 1948.

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    • In 1996, Betsy Sakata, lotus and water lily expert (and associate dean of Summer Sessions), restored the courtyard pond and plantings.
    • Then in 2004, after the October flood, volunteers and Outreach College staff restored the pond, plantings, and fish again.
  6. (Holmes Hall)
    Gate of Hope
    painted steel tubing, Alexander Liberman, 1972.

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    • Located at the corner of Dole Street and East-West Road, on the lawn next to the hall is this red-orange sculpture.
    • Over the years, this sculpture has become an informal Rorschach test for student passersby.
    • It was purchased for the University of Hawai‘i through the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.
  7. (Marine Science Building/Lawn)
    Divers, red brass, Robert Stackhouse, 1991.
  8. (Watanabe Hall)
    1 x 6 x 18, brass/bronze, Bruce Hopper, 1973.

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    • The resemblance to Stanley Kubrick's 2001 monolith is intentional.
    • Like the monolith, the sculpture at one time hummed (since then distorted into a campus urban legend).
    • The hum mechanism was disconnected in the late 1970s amidst energy conservation concerns and constant noise complaints.
  9. (Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics)
    Gold Tree
    Tabebuia donnell-smithii

    Image Upload 7
    • This is a memorial to Gary Niemeyer, Bob Harvey, and Mike Allen.
    • On 9 December 1978, these men, along with 7 others, set sail from O‘ahu's Snug Harbor on the research vessel Holoholo.
    • Their destination was Moloka‘i's Kawaihae Harbor, 2 days away. They never made it.
    • The memorial was originally a trio of trees planted in 1978 along with a plaque.
    • However, in the years since, one tree died and the others did not fare well.
    • The state of the memorial prompted scientists to voice their concerns to the University's landscape committee.
    • A new memorial was re-dedicated on 25th anniversary of the Holoholo's disappearance.
  10. (Campus Center Diamond Head staircases)
    Hawai‘i Ka‘u Kumu
    (Hawai‘i My Teacher)
    painted murals, Calley O‘Neill with Teresa Ho, Christopher Turco, and others, 1982.

    Image Upload 8
    In the winter of 2006, O‘Neill returned and spent several days touching up the murals.
  11. (Campus Center Ballroom staircase)
    painted photorealist mural, Donald Yatomi, 1990.

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    chinese video store!
  12. (Campus Center Ballroom entrance, 3F)
    Arctic Portals
    polished stainless steel, Jan-Peter Stern, 1975.

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  13. (Campus Center mauka entrance)
    Hina o na Lani
    (Mother of the Universe)
    pink granite, UH Art department graduate Gregory Clurman, 1975.

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  14. Adam
    bronze, Satoru Abe, 1954
    • Originally installed at the old Student Services
    • Center, Adam would be "liberated" by members of one of the fraternities on a yearly basis.
    • After its last liberation, Adam disappeared for several years.
    • Upon its recovery, Adam was installed in its current location of the main staircase for safekeeping.
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