Bioconcepts - Atherosclerosis and CHD

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  1. thinning and weakening of the walls of an artery causing bulging of the wall in the shape of a sack
  2. a chronic disease of the arteries of the circulatory system characterized by thickening and hardening of the arterial walls caused by atherosclerosis
  3. focal thickening of the wall of an artery caused by infiltration of mixtures of fibrous and fatty plaque
  4. stable angina
    classical angina
  5. pain or weakness of muscles
  6. difficulty breathing
  7. a sudden obstruction of a blood vessel caused by an insoluble substance in the blood
  8. movement of lipid produced by the liver to other parts of the body
    endogenous lipid transport
  9. movement of lipid absorbed from the intestines to the liver
    exogenous lipid transport
  10. tissue death due to ischemia
  11. failure of the heart to pump blood effectively, resulting in back pressure and congestion of tissues with body fluids
    heart failure
  12. high blood pressure
  13. cell death due to loss of blood supply
  14. temporary lack of blood supply that deprives tissues of nutrients and oxygen
  15. irreversible heart muscle damage and cell death usually called a heart attack
    myocardial infarction
  16. disorders of the circulatory system including the arteries, veins, or lymph ducts but excluding the heart
    peripheral vascular disease
  17. reversible ischemic heart disease that produces chest pain
    stable angina
  18. an enzyme produced by the streptococcus bacterium that dissolves blood clots
  19. an enzyme produced by endothelial cells that binds specifically to fibrin and therefore dissolves only clots that are localized rather than throughout the systemic circulation
    tissue plasminogen activator (TPA)
  20. sudden more severe angina that lasts longer than stable angina and is associated with either coronary artery vasospasm or a transient thrombosis unstable angina
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