Bioconcepts - hypertension

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  1. a group of peptides activated by renin that elevate blood pressure through a variety of mechanisms including increasing arteriolar smooth muscle tone
  2. pertaining to the brain
  3. a sudden neurologic deficit without seizure lasting longer than one day, commonly called a stroke
    cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
  4. any disease of the brain caused by a pathologic process that affects the cerebral blood vessels
    cerebrovascular disease
  5. a special form of x-ray imaging that produces serial images of the body cut into adjacent planes or sections
    computerized tomography
  6. computerized tomography
    CT scan
  7. swelling of tissue
  8. a CVA associated with cerebral infarction caused by clot fragments that break off thrombi situated in sites outside the brain such as the left side of the heart, aorta, or carotid arteries
    embolic stroke
  9. primary hypertension
    essential hypertension
  10. a CVA associated with rupture of an artery within the brain
    hemorrhagic stroke
  11. consistently abnormally high blood pressure
  12. cellular enlargement
  13. idiopathic hypertension
    primary hypertension
  14. a protein produced by the kidneys that converts angiotensin precursors into biologically-active peptides
  15. hypertension caused by a specific disease or process
    secondary hypertension
  16. the most common form of CVA that results when parts of clots, often associated with atherosclerosis, within major blood vessels of the brain break off and suddenly interrupt blood supply to portions of the brain
    thrombotic stroke
  17. a temporary episode of neurologic dysfunction lasting less than one day caused by cerebral ischemia
    transiant ischemic attack (TIA)
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