W Physio Quiz 2

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  1. Which hormone is antagonistic to insulin?
  2. Insulin and Glucogon regulate what?
    Blood Glucose Levels
  3. When is the blood glucose levels the highest?
    After a Meal (postprandial)
  4. What is the function of insulin? How does it lower the blood glucose?
    Insulin is the carrier protein (faciliated diffusion). Takes the glucose molecule and drive it into the Liver cell.
  5. When is glucogon released?
    In periods of fasting or when blood glucose levels are low. Breaks down glycogen (glycogenesis)
  6. What is calcitonin involved with?
    Bone mineralization by stimulating osteoblasts; drive calcium ions into bone. Also lowers blood calcium levels.
  7. What is PTH involved with?
    Bone demineralization by stimulating osteoclasts to release calcium ions into blood to increase calcium levels in the blood
  8. A 45 year old female who complains of low energy levels, facial swelling, weight gain, despite poor appetite. No neck masses where found on examination, blood TSH is elevated and T4 level is low. What does this person have?
    • Hypothyroidism
    • (Why? age related thyroid conditions, lack of neck mass, myxedema)
  9. What are the 3 P's of Diabetes?
    • Polyphagia
    • Polyuria
    • Polydipsia
  10. A 35 year old male with coarse facial features and rough skin. What does he have?
  11. A 26 year old female with bilateral nipple discharge with swollen breasts. What does she have?
  12. A 23 year old female with swollen anterior neck lump. What does she have?
  13. A 45 year old patient with COPD, hard to control, usually requiring steroids. What does this person have?
    Cushing's Syndrome
  14. Which hormone is NOT under pituitary control?

    Growth Hormone
    Aldosterone (under renin-angiotenson system)
  15. What is the hormone and bone cell pair for bone demineralization?
    • PTH (Parathyroid Hormone)
    • Osteoclasts
  16. What is the mechanism for type 2 Diabetes?
    Insulin receptor insensitivity
  17. What is the function of LH and FSH in males?
    • LH - produce testosterone
    • FSH - produce sperm
  18. Why do they call it an Inguinal Hernia?
    Small Intestine herniates through Inguinal Canal
  19. The 4 rules of female reproductive system? Length? First day? Average length? Day of Mid-cycle?
    • Length of cycle is 28 day
    • First day of cycle is menses
    • Average length of period 3-5 days
    • Mid-cycle is considered 14 days
  20. Which hormone is responsible for ovulation?
  21. What hormone is elevated after ovulation?
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