Procedures Test 4

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  1. What is prefereed position for STERNUM?Image Upload 1
    RAO Position (PA oblique projection)
  2. For Sternum, Why is RAO position used?
    It uses the heart for contrast
  3. For Sternum, how much rotation? ( patient rotated)
    about 15-20 degrees
  4. For Sternum, what is the respiration instructions for PA oblique, non-trauma?
    Take slow, shallow breaths OR suspend after expiration
  5. For Sternum Trauma, what is the patient position?
    Use the LPO position with the patient SUPINE, and an AP oblique projection.
  6. Where is the IR placed for strernum and where does CR enter?
    Top of IR is 1 1/2 inch above jugular notch and CR enters elevated side at T7, appx 1 inch lateral to midsagital plane
  7. What are the breathing instructions for Lateral sternum?
    • Suspend after deep inspiration ("barrell chest");
    • ------ suspend after expiration for other views -----
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