Social Studies Vocab

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  1. Beginning of Human Society:
    Oral Traditions
    Traditions that are passed down from Word of Mouth
  2. History
    A time where people kept Written Records
  3. Pre-history
    The period before Written Records
  4. Irrigation
    Pipes and plumbing through underground, supplying water through canals.
  5. Fertile
    Rich soil for farming
  6. Surplus
    More than is needed
  7. Archaeologists
    Someone who uncovers the past through digging, experimenting, uncovering clues, and discovering fossils.
  8. Fertile Crescent: Empire
    A civilization that lives under a ruler, king etc.
  9. Famine
    When people undergo lack of food and nutrition.
  10. Monotheism
    Believing in one god.
  11. Polytheism
    Believing only on God (god).
  12. Scribe
    A person who writes past events and records.
  13. Cuneiform
    A type of writing that usually has lines, wedges, and indents. More than likely only Scribes knew how to use this type of "language."
  14. Myth
    A fake story that usually guides Greeks and explains the beginning of Earth for them. Also could teach children what to do and what not to do.
  15. Egypt: Pharaoh
    Ruler of Egypt that usually has the throne by being passed down through generations.
  16. Artisan
    Skilled Crafter who could make statues, landmarks, paintings, and more.
  17. Silt
    Sand found at the bottom of the Nile.
  18. Pyramid
    A Large structure that holds tombs, possessions and possibly sarcophagus's.
  19. Papyrus
    Material you can write on to mark down, written events or past records.
  20. Dynasty
    A king with a army that usually controls a state/country/City-State.
  21. Hieroglyph
    Symbols and signs showing events, stories, and more.
  22. India: Monsoon
    Seasonal winds that blow water long distances.
  23. Subcontinent
    A small land mass that juts out of a continent.
  24. Caste
    A system dividing people up by their families social classes.
  25. Ahimsa
    Peace- non-violence.
  26. Dharma
    The moral duties of a Hindu(s)
  27. Missionary
    Someone who spreads religious beliefs to other people, or civilizations.
  28. Nirvana
    The everlasting place, afterlife, this is what will free Buddhists from the cycle of reincarnation.
  29. China: Civil Service
    A group of people whose job is to carry out government work.
  30. Currency
    Type of money that a whole civilization or group of people use.
  31. Philosophy
    A guide to follow in life- system of beliefs.
  32. Silk
    A type of cloth.
  33. Extended Family
    Closely related people of several generations, living together.
  34. Loess
    A yellow-brown soil.
  35. Dike
    Protective wall that controls water by a river.
  36. Greece: Peninsula
    A Land mass surrounded by three areas of water.
  37. City-state
    A city that's also a state.
  38. Democracy
    A form of government which citizens govern themselves.
  39. Agora
    A social gathering where people, sell. trade, and socialize.
  40. Plague
    A widespread disease.
  41. Acropolis
    A place for religious acts
  42. Hellenistic
    A period in which Alexander the Great died which caused three city states to form.
  43. Rome: Republic
    A republic is a form of government in which the people, or some significant portion of them, retain supreme control over the government.
  44. Aquaduct
    A structure that can take water for a long distance.
  45. Veto
    Going against something.
  46. Plebeian
    A normal class citizen in Rome, referred to as poor by Patricians.
  47. Patrician
    The higher class people in Rome.
  48. Inflation
    The price goes down on a item that has more value.
  49. Mercenary
    Someone who works at a foreign army for money.
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