Vocab Final

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  1. incorrigible
    some who cannot be corrected
  2. impious
    lacking reverence, disrespectful
  3. incorporeal
    having no body or substance
  4. intrepid
    having no fear
  5. inviolable
    secure, cannot be violated
  6. unfettered
    not chained
  7. unfounded
    lacking a sound basis
  8. unflappable
    being calm, not showing excitement
  9. unscathed
    to harm or injure
  10. unorthodox
    not following established traditional practices
  11. abhor
    to intensely dislike someone or something
  12. abdicate
    to surrender, to give away
  13. abstain
    to voluntarily avoid, or stay away from doing
  14. aberrant
    not following
  15. lucid
    filled with light
  16. pellucid
    crystal clear
  17. elucidate
    bring out into the light
  18. luminous
    giving off light, glowing
  19. acute
  20. acumen
    mental sharpness, keeness
  21. acid
    having a sharp bitter taste
  22. exacerbate
    to make something out to be even more bitter
  23. acrimonious
    full of spite, bitter, nasty
  24. fluent
    flowing easily
  25. confluence
    to flow together
  26. mellifluous
    to flow like honey
  27. affluent
    to flow in abundance
  28. superfluous
    to flow above
  29. alleviate
    to relieve or lessen pain
  30. allay
    to relieve or lessen someone's fears
  31. assuage
    to relieve or lessen a person's grief
  32. mitigate
    to relieve or lessen a punishment
  33. mollify
    to relieve or lessen someone's anger
  34. loquacious
  35. verbose
    talkative wordy
  36. garrulous
    talkative noisy
  37. prattle
    talkative babbling
  38. bombastic
    talkative, in the sense of being pompous
  39. succinct
    breif and to the point
  40. laconic
    breif and to the point
  41. terse
    breif and to the point
  42. taciturn
    breif and to the point
  43. exculpate
    to free from blame
  44. exonerate
    free from blame
  45. vindicate
    free from blame
  46. absolve
    free from blame
  47. acquit
    free from blame
  48. abhorrent
    disgusting revolting horrible
  49. despicable
    disgusting, revolting, horrible
  50. heinous
    disgusting, revolting
  51. repulsive
    disgusting, revolting, horrible
  52. premonition
    a fearful, uneasy feeling about the future
  53. pedestrian
    commonplace a pedestrian idea
  54. banal
    commonplace a banal lecture
  55. preamble
    an intro to a constitution or law
  56. preface
    an intro to a stement to a book, article or, speech
  57. prologue
    an intro to a poem or play
  58. overture
    an intro to a musical
  59. prelude
    an intro to an oprea or musical
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