200 common phrasal verbs (51-100)

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  1. cut in

    The air conditioner cuts in when the temperature gets to 22°C.
    start operating (of an engine or electrical device)
  2. cut something off

    The doctors cut off his leg because it was severely injured.
    remove with something sharp
  3. cut something off

    The phone company cut off our phone because we didn't pay the bill.
    stop providing
  4. cut someone off

    My grandparents cut my father off when he remarried.
    take out of a will
  5. cut something out

    I cut this ad out of the newspaper.
    remove part of something (usually with scissors and paper
  6. Do someone/something over

    He's lucky to be alive. His shop was done
    by a street gang.
    beat up, ransack (Br.E., informal)
  7. do something over

    My teacher wants me to do my essay
    over because she doesn't like my topic.
    do again (N.Amer.)
  8. do away with something

    It's time to do away with all of
    these old tax records.
  9. do something up

    Do your coat up before you go
    outside. It's snowing!
    fasten, close
  10. dress up

    It's a fancy restaurant so we have to dress up.
    wear nice clothing
  11. drop back

    Andrea dropped back to third place
    when she fell off her bike.
    move back in a position/group
  12. drop in/by/over

    I might drop in/by/over for tea
    some time this week.
    come without an appointment
  13. Drop someone/something off

    I have to drop my sister off at
    work before I come over.
    take someone/something somewhere and leave them/it there
  14. drop out

    I dropped out of Science because
    it was too difficult.
    quit a class, school etc
  15. eat out

    I don't feel like cooking tonight. Let's eat
    eat at a restaurant
  16. end up

    We ended up renting a movie
    instead of going to the theatre.
    eventually reach/do/decide
  17. fall apart

    My new dress fell apart in the
    washing machine.
    break into pieces
  18. fall down

    The picture that you hung up last night fell
    this morning.
    fall to the ground
  19. fall out

    The money must have fallen out of
    my pocket.
    separate from an interior
  20. fall out

    His hair started to fall out when
    he was only 35.
    (of hair, teeth) become loose and unattached
  21. figure something out

    I need to figure out how to fit
    the piano and the bookshelf in this room.
    understand, find the answer
  22. fill something in

    Please fill in the form with your
    name, address, and phone number.
    to write information in blanks (Br.E.)
  23. fill something out

    The form must be filled out in
    capital letters.
    to write information in blanks (N.Amer.)
  24. fill something up

    I always fill the water jug up when
    it is empty.
    fill to the top
  25. find out

    We don't know where he lives. How can we find out?
  26. find something out

    We tried to keep the time of the party a secret,
    but Samantha found it out.
  27. get something across/over

    I tried to get my point across/over to
    the judge but she wouldn't listen.
    communicate, make understandable
  28. get along/on

    I was surprised how well my new girlfriend and my sister got along/on.
    like each other
  29. get around

    My grandfather can get around fine
    in his new wheelchair.
    have mobility
  30. get away

    We worked so hard this year that we had to get away for a week.
    go on a vacation
  31. get away with something

    Jason always gets away with cheating
    in his maths tests.
    do without being noticed or punished
  32. get back

    We got back from our vacation last week.
  33. get something back

    Liz finally got her Science
    notes back from my room-mate.
    receive something you had before
  34. get back at someone

    My sister got back at me for stealing her shoes. She stole my favourite hat.
    retaliate, take revenge
  35. get back into something

    I finally got back into my novel and finished it.
    become interested in something again
  36. get on something

    We're going to freeze out here if you don't let
    us get on the bus.
    step onto a vehicle
  37. get over something

    I just got over the flu and now my
    sister has it.
    recover from an illness, loss, difficulty
  38. get over something

    The company will have to close if it can't get
    the new regulations.
    overcome a problem
  39. get round to something

    I don't know when I am going to get round
    writing the thank you cards.

    finally find time to do (N.Amer.:get around to something)

  40. get together

    Let's get together for a BBQ this
    meet (usually for social reasons)
  41. get up

    I got up early today to study for
    my exam.
    get out of bed
  42. get up

    You should get up and give the
    elderly man your seat.
  43. give someone away

    His wife gave him away to
    the police.
    reveal hidden information about someone
  44. give someone away

    My father gave me away at
    my wedding.
    take the bride to the altar
  45. give something away

    My little sister gave the surprise
    party away by accident.
    ruin a secret
  46. give something away

    The library was giving away old books
    on Friday.
    give something to someone for free
  47. give something back

    I have to give these skates back to
    Franz before his hockey game.
    return a borrowed item
  48. give in

    My boyfriend didn't want to go to the ballet, but he finally gave in.
    reluctantly stop fighting or arguing
  49. give something out

    They were giving out free perfume
    samples at the department store.
    give to many people (usually at no cost)
  50. give something up

    I am giving up smoking as of
    January 1st.
    quit a habit
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