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  1. neg pressure vent is also known as
  2. neg pressure vent is controlled by adjusting the length of _____ and the amt of _____
    • inspiration (time cycled)
    • suction
  3. neg pressure vent is indicated for what type of pts
    • intermitted use
    • home care
    • neuromuscular pathologies
  4. examples of neg pressure vent include
    • iron lung - body tank
    • chest cuirass
  5. if a chest cuirass is hissing and unable to reach pressure, what should u do?
    check for leaks
  6. if the pt is breathing faster that the rate set on the neg pressure vent, what should you do?
    increase the set rate to match the pt
  7. positive pressure creates positive pressure that will push air into the pts lungs and increase ___
    intrapulmonary pressure
  8. side effect of pos press vent include
    • dec venous return
    • dec c/o
    • inc icp
    • inc intrathoracic pressure
  9. positive pressure vent- pressure cycles vent are normally pneumoatically powered with how much psi
    50 psi
  10. pos press vent- press cycled vent- vt is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the
    pressure limit
  11. pressure cycled positive vent is best for ippb or con vent for pts with
    • normal lungs
    • post op
    • neuro
  12. examples of pressure cycled pos press vent
    • bird mark 7
    • bennett pr 2
  13. what must be considered when using air and o2 cylinders to power a transport vent
    duration of flow
  14. typical vent circuit includes
    • ins limb
    • exp limb
    • wye adaptor
    • neb
    • humidifier
  15. how many person do you need to change a vent circuit
    • 2
    • 1 bags while the other attaches and tests new circuit
  16. vent circuits should NOT be changed on a regular basis UNLESS
    • circuit is grossly contaminated
    • malfunctioning
  17. pt should be off the vent for the ____ possible amt of time
  18. vent alarms-

    high pressure limit should be set
    10 ABOVE peak airway pressure
  19. vent alarms-

    min exh volume should be set
    100 BELOW exh vt
  20. vent alarms-

    low pressure limit should be set
    10 BELOW peak airway pressure
  21. when troubleshooting vent alarms, what should you always provide to the pt?
    manual ventilation first
  22. if the LOW pressure alarm is sounding, what should you consider?
    • pt d/c
    • leak
    • insufficient flow
    • cuff leak

    IMPORTANT. cause theres a leak
  23. if the HIGH pressure alarm is sounding, what should you consider?
    • pt obstruction
    • equipment obstruction
  24. if the LOW EXH VOL is sounding, what should you consider
    pt d/c
  25. time cycled pressure limit vent are common for what type of pts
  26. TCPL maintains preset press limit using
    pressure popoff
  27. indications for mech vent
    • apnea
    • acute vent failure
    • impending resp failure
    • oxygenation
  28. normal range for vt
    5-8 ml/kg
  29. normal range for vc
    65-75 ml/kl

    (10 X vt) = vc
  30. normal range for rr
  31. normal range for min vent
    5-6 l/min
  32. normal MIP
  33. normal MEP
  34. normal Cst
  35. formula for MV
    vt X rr
  36. formula for alveolar minute ventilation
    (vt - vd) x f
  37. alveolar ventilation is best increased by
    increasing vt
  38. formula for static comp
    exh vt / (pl - peep)
  39. increasing airway pressure indicates the lung is becomming
    more difficult to ventilate (stiff)
  40. 2 reasong for airway pressure to INCREASE on mech vent
    • increasing airway resistance Raw
    • decreasing lung compliance CL
  41. increasing airway resistance=
    • increase PIP
    • Ppl stays the same
  42. decreasing lung compliance=
    • increase PIP
    • increase Ppl
  43. common cause of increase airway resistance
    • secreations
    • bronchospasms
  44. tx of an increase airway resistance
    • suction
    • bronchodilator
  45. common cause of decrease lung compliance
    • atelectasis
    • pulm edema
    • ARDS
    • pneumonia
  46. tx of an decrease lung compliance
    increase peep
  47. avg pressure transmitted to the airway from the beginning of one breath to the beginning of the next
    mean airway pressure Paw
  48. Paw of 5-10
  49. Paw of 10-20
    obstructive disease
  50. Paw 15-30
  51. simv mode is used for pts with
    • copd
    • tachypnea
    • weaning
    • reduce barotrauma
    • w/ peep
  52. pressure control vent is used when
    • peak ins pressure is very hihgh > 50
    • low pao2 and decreased comp ARDS
  53. exh vt will vary, adjust ___ or __ as necessary
    • itime
    • pip
  54. inverse ratio ventilation is used when
    • pip is very high >50
    • pt req high fio2
  55. pt should be __ and __ bc inverse ratio breathing is uncomfortable and difficult to tolerate
    • paralyzed
    • sedated
  56. indications for high freq vent
    • lower peak/mean airway pressure
    • pt with bronchopleural fistuba or ards
    • air leak prob
  57. indications for ILV independent lung ventilation
    protect one lung from contamnation or infectiong
  58. examples of ILV
    • double lumen tube DLT
    • Carlens tube
  59. copd pts i:e ration
    • 1:4, 1:5
    • they need more time to exhale
  60. increasing ____ will increase the time for exhalation
    flow rate
  61. positioning the pt for mech vent, pt should INITIALLY be placed in a a ___ position
  62. PEEP/CPAP therapy is used to
    • increase a pt FRC
    • improve compliance
    • improve oxygenation prob caused by shunting
    • improves myocardial o2
    • increases cardiac output
  63. increase/decrease peep/cpap in increments of
  64. optimal or best PEEP is the lowest amt to provide good oxygenation without any
    side effects
  65. formula for Flowrate
    (vt - rate) x (i + e)
  66. vent protocols for pt with ARDS
    • reduce vt to 6
    • maintain ppl <30
  67. vent protocols for pt with asthma
    • reduce vt to 4-6
    • set rr btwn 10-12
    • consider perm hypercapnea- allow co2 to rise
  68. loop that looks like a fish
    assisted= pt trig
  69. loop that looks like a football
    controlled- machine
  70. loop that looks like a oval head
  71. setting the optimum peep on a football loop that has a flat on the bottom, how would you change it
    increase peep
  72. what would you do if there is a over distention on a loop (looks like a duck)
    decrease vt
  73. a broken loop is an indication of a
  74. what would you increase on a ventilator to get rid of auto peep/air trapping
    increase flow
  75. decrease anxiety and promote relaxation
  76. ex of sedative
    • versed
    • ativan
  77. reduces pts ability to perceive sensation
  78. ex of anesthetics
  79. reduce sensation of pain
  80. ex of analgesics
  81. cause paralysis of skeletal muscle
    neuromuscular blocking agents
  82. ex of neuromuscular blocking agents
    • succinylcholine- intubation
    • pancuronium- long term
  83. if a pt is fighting, and is agitated on a vent, what should you give
  84. if morphine is not an option when pt is agitated and fighting while on a vent, what should u give
  85. abg should be drawn after ____ minutes off of mech vent to assess the pts vent/o2 status
    20-30 min
  86. what should u do if the pt is having difficulty in weaning
    PSV - can be used with IMV/SIMV
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