Ch 7 Combining forms

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  1. caliectasis
    dilation of a calyx
  2. caliceal
    pertaining to a calyx
  3. cystitis
    inflammation of the urinary bladder
  4. cystectomy
    removal of the urinary bladder
  5. Cystostomy
    new opening of the bladder to the outside of the body.
  6. glomerular
    pertaining to the glomerulus
  7. meatal stenosis
    narrowing of the meatus (opening of the urethra to the outside of the body.
  8. meatotomy
    incision of the meatus
  9. paranephric
    pertaining to near the kidney
  10. nephropathy
    disease of the kidney
  11. nephrolithotomy
    incision to remove a kidney stone
  12. nephrosclerosis
    hardening of the kidney (arterioles)
  13. hydronephrosis
    condition of excess fluid
  14. nephrostomy
    new opening of the kidney to the outside of the body
  15. pyelolithotomy
    incision of the renal pelvis to remove a stone
  16. pyelogram
    record (xray) of the renal pelvis
  17. renal ischemia
    holding back of blood flow to the kidney
  18. renal colic
    kidney pain resulting from a stone in the ureter or kidney
  19. trigonitis
    inflammation of the trigone
  20. ureteroplasty
    surgical repair of a ureter
  21. ureterolithotomy
    incision of a ureter to remove a stone
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