Amex: Chapter 21

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  1. militant wing of the SDS
    Weather Underground (the Weathermen)
  2. Former law partner of Nixon's who was appointed attourney general
    John Mitchell
  3. Nixon's plan to have south vietnamese troops trained to take the place of American ones
  4. Who was the secretary of state under Nixon who helped to negotiate peace talks?
  5. Conferences discussing peace in Vietnam
    Paris Peace Talks
  6. What were three effects of the fall of Saigon?
    • US didn't give South Vietnam the aid promised
    • Saigon became a communist nation
    • South Vietnam surrendered to North Vietnam
  7. attempt to repair strained relations between US and communist powers by Nixon.
  8. What were the 5 economic super powers in 1970?
    • US
    • Soviet Union
    • Japan
    • China
    • Eurpopean Economic Community (countries in west Europe)
  9. What were the two goals of detente?
    • limit communist expansion
    • curb nuclear arms race
  10. What did Nixon sign while in the Soviet Union?
    Strategic Arms Limitation Talks- limited numbers of certain types of nuclear weapons for both countries.
  11. did SALT end the nuclear arms race?
    no, but it did ease tensions between the US and the USSR
  12. Housed on the 6th floor of the Watergate building in Washington DC.
    Democratic National Committee (DNC)
  13. Three members of Nixon's inner circle-
    Kissinger, Haldeman and Ehrlichman
  14. Nixon's Enemy list included the names of... (4)
    senators, representatives, college presidents and hollywood stars
  15. Expanded and unified the work of FBI, CIA, the National Security Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency. Approved by Nixon, blocked by the FBI president.
    The Huston Plan
  16. Committee to re-elect the president
  17. report dealing with the Vietnam war policy before Nixon, which was leaked.
    Pentagon Papers
  18. The two reporters for the Washington post that uncovered the entire Watergate story
    Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein
  19. committee that investigated Watergate and heard testimony from many white house officials
    Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Practices
  20. Special prosecuter investigating Watergate
    Archibald Cox
  21. Why did Spiro Agnew resign the Vice-Presidency?
    charged with income tax evasion and accepting bribes
  22. Became vice president was Agnew resigned
    Gerald Ford
  23. Case which ruled Nixon had to release tapes
    US v Nixon
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