Amex: The 1980s and 1990s

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  1. T or F Operation Eagle Claw was a resounding success
  2. where did the exxon valdez spew 11 million gallons of oil?
    off the coast of Alaska
  3. What was the national deficit with Reganomics?
    over $2 trillon
  4. The contras in Nicaragua were supported by Nixon but not by __________.
    congress and the people
  5. Regan used ___ to fight a covert war in Nicaragua.
  6. Weapons were sold to the Iranians to support their figh against ________.
  7. During Reagan's administration, what happened to the middle class?
    it shrunk
  8. What was a YUPPIE?
    young upwardly mobile professionals
  9. What did the folks in the US do more of and less of than any generation before it?
    spend more, save less
  10. How did the crash of '87 compare to the crash of '29?
    '87 was twice as bad
  11. Two pop music stars of the '80s were...
    madonna and michael jackson
  12. Ted Turner founded ___ in 1980.
  13. Mikhail Gorbachev became the premier of the ____________.
    Soviet Union
  14. The return of the city of _______ _________from Great Britain to China marked the end of the British Empire
    Hong Kong
  15. Saddam Hussein invaded oil rich nation of __________.
  16. slogan of HW Bush
    "Read my lips: No new taxes!"
  17. political analysts known as _________ __________.
    "chattering class"
  18. extensive media coverage resulted in __________.
  19. In 1994, Newt Gingrich was ____________.
    speaker of the house of representatives
  20. What did Clinton lie about during the Paula Jones sexual harassment trial?
    an affair with Monical Luinsci
  21. Two presidents impeached by house of representatives
    Clinton and Johnson
  22. What saved Clinton's presidency?
    internet and boom in economy
  23. What pushed wall street to dizzying heights?
    " .coms" (online companies)
  24. court TV capitalized on two cases:
    Rodney King Case and OJ Simpson Trial
  25. As a result of the Rodney King case, LA erupted in _____.
  26. In the mid 90s, this station was on top.
  27. One athletic legend of the '90s was...
    tiger woods/michael jackson
  28. ethnic rivalries resulted in ___________ in the african country of ____________.
    genocide; Rwanda
  29. this term described the genocied of Bosnian Muslims by Serbian troops.
    ethnic cleansing
  30. Albanians in __________ were also victims of Milosevic
  31. In 1994, domestic terrorism was evident in _________________________.
    the Oklahoma City Bombings
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